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Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit

Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit 2021




The 2021 Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit virtual experience provided consumer goods executives with the unprecedented opportunity to learn from the industry’s leading consumer goods experts.

All of this year's amazing educational sessions are available on-demand. Just click on the title below to see the session for free.

  • Transform your brand and organization through the power of relevance
  • Understand how to best connect with a fluid market and win in the new normal 
  • Learn the keys to sales and marketing success 

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DAY 1:

Master the Chemistry of Change: How to Strengthen Your Resilience to Maintain Your Relevance
Speaker: Cassandra Worthy, Founder & CEO, Change Enthusiasm® Global

The Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit will kick off with a bang as world-renowned Change Enthusiast Cassandra Worthy explores the power of strengthening your resilience to maintain relevance in the ever-evolving consumer goods space. The CG industry has experienced unprecedented disruption over the two past years. And as part of this ongoing change, leading CGs have increased their commitment to being relevant and doing good for the community at large. Worthy will discuss how to best adapt in these times, seeing change as an opportunity, exploring resilience as a true business advantage enabling you to maintain relevance with those consumers you're striving to delight each and every day.

The ROI of Being Relevant
Speaker: Reza Mirza, CEO, Icelandic Glacial

Consumer expectations for diversity and inclusion coupled with sustainability concerns have sparked a revolution throughout the industry. Brands are embracing the power of being relevant like never before and embedding the concept of "doing good" into their operations. While providing more than just a product on the shelf is a business imperative, CGs must be able to track the ROI for these initiatives. In this session, a leading CG brand will examine how it instituted a relevant culture throughout the organization and the business benefits it has received from its efforts. Real-world examples of marketing approaches will be shared as well as suggestions on how fellow CGs can fully leverage their current initiatives to realize meaningful ROI.

Moneyball Theory in CPG
Speaker: Peter Conti, SVP, NA Analytics, NielsenIQ

Many of us have probably heard about Moneyball and have either read the book or have seen the movie. In this session, attendees will discover how the Moneyball theory relates to the CPG industry and why change management strategies have been at the core of many successful organizations. Attendees will learn how the right analytics and metrics can create major wins; how to create the right targets for sales so they “run the play” that delivers profitable growth; and how to institute a successful change management process.

Brand Storytelling: Creating a Content-Centric Marketing Strategy
Speaker: Deb Hannah, VP Marketing, Shoe Carnival

For most consumer brands, selling products is the top priority, but today being a sales and marketing executive requires telling compelling stories and creating good content first. Consumers have become more digitally driven and vocal and are demanding brands provide more information and transparency on their products. Brands must meet consumers on a variety of platforms and deliver the right message and value through relevant content. In this consumer marketing case study, an innovative brand will share how through a content-first approach it grew a loyal following that continues to expand.

Workshop: Strategic Priorities for Brand Innovation and Growth

A workshop exploring how consumer sentiment, new routes to market, and innovating new products quickly all affect top-line growth was facilitated by SAP’s Jon Dano, industry executive advisor, consumer products; Paul Larson, senior principal, industry executive advisor, consumer products; and Sunny Neely, global solution director. Listen to the top highlights from both the workshop and CGSM from Dano, Larson, Neely, and SAP's Matt Gardner — and learn about some of the most interesting conversations in consumer experience, product development, route-to-market, data insights, and more.

DAY 2: 

Getting More Granular to Create Meaningful Experiences
Speaker: Antonio Parra, VP Global Information & Digital Transformation, Grupo Bimbo

The devil is in the details: As CG brands unlock stores of consumer data, they’re afforded golden opportunities to develop meaningful relationships with both their customers and consumers. Today’s leading brands are investing in analytics for more granularity around consumer insights while playing a balancing game of having more data than they know what to do with. This session will break down the ways brands are investing in their data capabilities in order to forge strong connections, the signals they’re using to seize opportunities, and the insights they’re prioritizing to ensure they don’t get lost in the weeds.

Digital Marketing in a Socially Connected World
Speaker: Rekha Ramesh, Chief Digital & Information Officer, Tupperware Brands

Brands that aren’t expanding their social media commerce opportunities are leaving money on the table but measuring and optimizing performance across channels can be confusing even on a good day. As more companies connect with consumers and partner with influencers through TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, Clubhouse and more, having a firm grip on the best way to analyze engagement and impact is crucial. This session will pull back the curtain on brands that have successfully built an engaged following across social media platforms while keeping authenticity at the forefront. In addition, we will delve into the technology they tapped to capitalize on social commerce opportunities.

From Walls to Spaces: Asian Paints’ Digital Transformation Led by CDP
Speakers: Deepak Bhosale, GM, Asian Paints; Danica Konetski, Consumer Industry Principal, Treasure Data

Asian Paints, the third largest paint company in Asia, serving consumers in more than 60 countries, has been on an ambitious growth strategy to become a premier home decor brand. Deepak Bhosale, GM of Asian Paints, will share his vision, success, and learnings from this journey, including its approach to engineering seamless, contextual and personalized experiences (physical and digital); digital disruption and creating the competitive differentiator; and how its customer data platform (CDP) has powered its digital strategy.

DAY 3:

CMO + CDO = A Power Couple: Teaming up for the Best Consumer Experience
Speakers: Ekta Chopra, CDO, e.l.f. Beauty; Kory Marchisotto, CMO, e.l.f. Beauty

The collaboration between a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is crucial to power the digital business and ultimately give consumers the best, most personalized experience. In this session, you’ll learn about the evolution of e.l.f.’s organization structure to enable this collaboration to create unique marketing messages and promotions while also developing a culture that puts the consumer at the heart of every marketing decision. Additionally, you’ll learn how e.l.f. tests and learns on new frontiers to provide a differentiated and memorable path to purchase.

Sales & Marketing Trends Panel
Speakers: Cory Munchbach, COO, BlueConic; Dan Maxwell, President, Visualfabriq; Rahul; Kumar Singh, Co-Founder & CAO, Sigmoid; Dominic Dinardo, CEO & Co-Founder, Aforza

CGT editors along with technology experts will discuss the key themes revealed in the annual Sales & Marketing report. The conversation will explore the challenges the retail industry will face over the next 12 months; and provide expert analysis on where sales and marketing are headed and the technology you need to get there.

CG Storytellers: Staying One Step Ahead of Consumers
Speaker: Michael Ferrara, CMO, HairUwear®

As shopping habits continue to evolve, consumer goods organizations must have their finger on the pulse of the consumer and be prepared to pivot operations to meet changing conditions. In this session, a leading CG executive will share how their organization leverages consumer and market insights to inform both their operational and marketing efforts. This CG case study will examine how a major new strategy was formed, executed, and evaluated with the consumer at the center leading to a major sales and marketing turnaround.