A collection of special reports from Consumer Goods Technology.

A collection of special reports from Consumer Goods Technology.

Special Reports

    • 2022 CGT Visionaries: Creativity at its Finest

      As the consumer goods industry moves into a new era of innovation, leading the charge is the 2022 class of CGT Visionaries. Learn about the achievements drawing widespread praise from their peers, partners, and CGT’s own editors.
      CGT Visionaries 2022
    • Decoding AI to Apply Lucrative Learnings

      AI is being implemented industry-wide, but there's some confusion over how CGs can best leverage the tech, and if they have the appropriate IT infrastructure to support growth. Read on to understand the potential of AI and learn how CGs are overcoming some of its biggest hurdles.
      ai special report
    • Consumer Data and the DTC Transformation

      To understand the role and value of consumer data in today’s DTC models, CGT polled its audience to learn how technology is being implemented, the areas of opportunity, and where CGs are investing.
      Consumer Data and the DTC Transformation
    • DTC's Pivotal Role In Sustainable Brand Engagement

      Learn why establishing DTC relationships will be crucial for unlocking new opportunities, what CGs should be mindful of, and overcoming some of today's biggest obstacles.
    • Standout SMBs 2022

      The small- and medium-sized businesses — classified as companies with less than $1 billion in revenue — that are growing through a fierce dedication to consumers and invention (and sometimes a bit of scrap).
      standout smbs
    • Top 100 Consumer Goods Companies of 2021

      CGT ranks the top 100 publicly owned consumer goods companies based on their annual revenue.
      top 100 consumer goods companies 2021
    • Supply Chain in Crisis

      Thanks to a disruption cocktail of pandemic-prompted factory shutdowns, input shortages, labor scarcities and rocky logistics, the consumer goods industry finds itself in a supply chain crisis. And, unfortunately, the light at the end of the tunnel remains hazy.
      Supply Chain in Crisis
    • Cuisinart, Avocados From Mexico, Native Marketing All-Stars Talk Today's Tech Priorities

      From the convergence of technology, infinite data sources and new channels, the future of marketing in CG is more complicated than ever – here are some innovative ways to break through the noise.
    • Sales & Marketing Report 2021: Digging In, Drilling Down, Looking Forward

      This year’s annual Sales & Marketing Report takes a fresh look at the innovative ways the industry is connecting with consumers, including how they’re translating the learnings into new strategies, and the technologies they’re relying upon to get more granular.
      a person standing in front of the ocean
    • CGT’s 2021 CMO of the Year Winners

      Bestowed upon an executive who has made the greatest demonstrable impact through the implementation and successful use of new marketing strategies, technologies and/or processes, this year's CMO of the Year winners are The Hershey Company’s Jill Baskin and e.l.f. Beauty’s Kory Marchisotto.
    • Will Work-From-Anywhere Work for Consumer Goods?

      As businesses start to open up again, consumer goods executives are grappling with the changes of today's new work settings, balancing the environmental, employee satisfaction, recruitment, and other benefits with the downsides of a distributed workforce.
      a woman looking at the camera
    • Visionaries 2021: Celebrating Today’s Leaders Taking Innovation to New Heights

      While some CGs retreated in the face of their new, complicated realities, other innovative leaders welcomed the challenge, fast-tracking technology implementations while not worrying about failing fast. Read about these execs here in CGT's 2021 Visionaries feature.
      a close up of a sign

    A collection of special reports from Consumer Goods Technology.