• Understanding the Modern Consumer: A Data-Driven Guide to Current Shopper Behaviors, Traits, and Characteristics

    This report leverages location analytics to analyze changes in consumer behaviors and offers insights that can help retailers and CPG companies better cater to today’s brick-and-mortar visitors. Read the white paper to find out.
    Placer Labs
  • Bridging Revenue Growth Gaps for Holistic CPG Expansion

    A Holistic Enterprise transformation drives transparency, consistent processes, and accuracy across the organization. In this whitepaper, learn how leading CGS are leveraging revenue growth planning to maximize resiliency and drive growth.
    Integrating Revenue Growth Planning and Execution into your Digital Core to Drive Profitable Sales Today
  • Supply Chain Resilience: Planning & Disruption Management in an Ever-Changing Landscape

    With persistent supply chain pressures and rapid market growth, it’s more important than ever for CPG manufacturers to build resilience into the supply chain. Discover how Blue Yonder’s innovative, end-to-end solutions delivered on Microsoft Azure will help you address disruptions and identify improvements to supply chain visibility and planning, leading to increased resilience.
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  • CPG By 2025: 6 Disruptions Plaguing the Industry

    Consumer products companies need cutting-edge tools to stay competitive and keep pace with ever-changing consumer demands. This exclusive e-book examines the CPG industry landscape and pinpoints specific technologies designed to operationalize and standardize service excellence. Here’s a look at five different disruptions — and their solutions.
    CPG by 2025: A Look at Current Challenges and Technology Solutions
  • How a Global Consumer Goods Company Generated a Hidden Sales Opportunity of $200 Million through Intelligent Data Synthesis

    CPGs deal with volumes of non-harmonized data pouring in through multiple systems and in varied formats, making it impossible to get timely insights. How can CPGs overcome data challenges and make it consumption-ready for the business team to derive insights? How can they unleash the value of data Read to know more.
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  • Data-Driven Approach Spurs Supply Chain Transformation

    A data-driven approach to supply chain transformation overcomes challenges.
    Blue Yonder
  • Guide to Customer Service in the Digital Era

    The goal of Customer Experience (CX) is to engage, co-create value, and connect with customers as they shop and buy. These days, customers expect you to offer a personalized version of what they need, based on where and when they need it. To learn how, download this guide.
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  • A Single Customer View for Consumer Goods

    Consumer goods companies that are shifting away from third-party data in favor of consented, first-party data are fundamentally transforming how they understand and interact with consumers. This eBrief covers how you can drive growth from a first-party data strategy that puts a single customer view at the center of your business.
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  • Powering a Global Sports Merchandiser’s Growth Strategy

    Each wholesaler, distributor, and retailer follow their own point-of-sale (POS) system, which results in non-standardized data capture that renders the data useless or unreliable. How can companies gain real-time visibility into sales performance? Enter Demand Sensing. It provides access to real-time harmonized data, enabling end-to-end supply chain visibility. Read to know more.
  • Transform Your E-commerce Operations

    The pandemic accelerated the shift to online shopping, changing the way consumers shop. This presents enormous opportunities for CPG companies as well as daunting challenges. The real difficulty, though, lies in the data available. How can CPGs harness real-time data and transform their e-commerce operations? Read to know more.
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