Lululemon Unveils 'Infinite Recycling' Sustainability Plans

Lululemon is investing in a multiyear partnership aimed at creating “infinitely recycled” nylon and polyester materials.
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Tech Transformation Podcasts

Tech Transformation Podcast: Inside Yesway’s New Loyalty Program With Darrin Samaha

Learn how they’re thinking more strategically about loyalty, how they plan to leverage new partnerships and data, and the new ways they're measuring success.
Darrin Samaha
Artificial Intelligence

Ralph Lauren Joins Ranks Testing Generative AI

Ralph Lauren is leveraging early learnings from existing artificial intelligence use cases to test generative AI across a range of business functions, company leaders shared. 
Ralph Lauren

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Mapping Your Consumer Data Strategy

A unified consumer data strategy allows businesses to draw together data from multiple sources and manage interactions at every touchpoint. Learn the key steps to identify where the most valuable consumer data is coming from today – and how to best use it.


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5 Steps to Next-Level Revenue Growth Management

Consumer goods companies are embracing revenue growth management (RGM) as an opportunity to manipulate their most powerful levers—pricing, promotions, assortment, and trade investment—to shape revenue and margins. Consider these five steps, and learn from companies like Kimberly-Clark and Kraft Heinz. 

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