Analytics Unite

Everything You Need to Know About Analytics Unite 2022

Analytics Unite: The Summit for Retail and Consumer Brands is back, happening (in-person!) this June 21-23 at the Drake Hotel in Chicago. Get all the details!
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Analytics Unite

Lowe’s CIO Seemantini Godbole Talking Workforce Renewal at Analytics Unite 2022

Godbole joins an elite lineup of executives for the panel, including includes Jo O’Hazo, chief data and analytics officer, Giant Eagle; Mohit Das, former VP, commercial analytics, Kellogg’s; and Nandha Kumar, CIO Americas, Danone.
Seemantini Godbole
Social Media

Edgewell Gets Unfiltered

As part of its efforts to lean more heavily into social media, Edgewell Personal Care wants to connect with beauty consumers while reinforcing realistic beauty standards.
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Preparing for a New Era of Consumer Data

Get a step-by-step framework on how to leverage the flood of new consumer data generated throughout an organization, including details on how AB InBev, General Mills, and Mondelez are having success. 

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Decoding AI to Apply Lucrative Learnings

AI is being implemented industry-wide, but confusion remains over how to best leverage the tech. Explore the potential of AI and learn how CGs are overcoming some of its biggest hurdles.

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Decoding AI

What's the First Step to Supply Chain Resilience?

(Not so) fun fact: 63% of organizations cite lack of resilience as a key supply chain gap. Explore the challenges facing CPGs, and learn how AI is key to separating winners from laggards in today’s increasingly complex landscape.  

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Tech Transformation Video: Lessons in Data Science and Transformation for (and from) Retailers

Watch to dig into the ins and outs of getting teams to work more closely together.