Executive Council

Retaining the New Consumer Through the Power of Technology

As we exit the pandemic, we tapped into the power of the CGT/RIS Executive Council for a look at today’s new consumer, as well as insight into how both brands and retailers can transform them into loyal buyers through technology.
Retaining the New Consumer Through the Power of Technology
Social Media

Inside Idahoan Foods’ TikTok Challenge

In an effort to better connect with Gen Z consumers, Idahoan Foods dove into TikTok with a campaign that not only educated consumers about how to enjoy its products, but also developed a unique music beat and choreographed dance known, naturally, as “the mashed potato dance.”
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Path to Purchase Live Coming to Florida Nov. 1-3

Owned by CGT parent EnsembleIQ, The Path to Purchase Institute will hold a new in-person event Nov. 1-3 at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, FL.
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Digital Product Traceability: Balancing Resilience & Growth

Learn how traceability increases the efficiency of the supply chain and how organizations can overcome its challenges. 

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