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Walmart and Target Prep for E-Commerce Surge with Holiday Hiring

When the CDC names shopping in crowded stores a high risk activity, you can bet this holiday season is going to be different than normal. Learn how Walmart and Target are planning to adjust to shifting consumer habits this holiday season.

Amazon Throws Support Behind SMBs for Prime Day 2020

After weeks of speculation, Amazon made it official. But will the retailer be able to collect as many new loyalty members this year with Walmart+ as a competitor?

How Product Videos Pave the Way for New DIY Customers

CG companies can tap into this expanding market using a number of social media techniques to drive a connection with this DIY market sector.

Did you or someone on your team recently take a new role? We want to hear about it!

We understand that one of the most valuable moments of an event is the chance to meet and engage with high-level speakers within the industry. As such, we’re re-imagining the virtual format to unlock this one-to-one, real-time opportunity.

Learn how 8 Track Foods was able to launch at the brink of the COVID-19 pandemic and still secure a deal with Whole Foods Market.

The program is designed to keep employees engaged by making them a key part of the marketing that drives sales.

Whether a national chain or a mom-and-pop, all companies were plunged into a new operating model at the onset of COVID-19. In this case study, we explored how two different retailers modernized their route to market and their digital storefronts in order to successfully serve customers during the health crisis.

The beauty company is launching its Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex serum into space via an Antares rocket on Sept. 29.

Beyond realizing cost savings from the restructuring, Coca-Cola is determined to emerge from the pandemic with more customers and a more engaged organization, chairman and CEO James Quincey said.

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How Prescriptive Analytics Transforms New Product Launches

New product introductions come with a great deal of uncertainty and risk. Learn how prescriptive analytics informs CG companies on how to optimize a plan to hit revenue targets.

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Build a Strong AI Foundation and Be Ready for the Next Disruption

Follow these 3 requirements to build a strong artificial intelligence foundation. 

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Analytics Unite Transforms Into a Global Virtual Experience

Analytics Unite, the Summit for Retailers and Consumer Brands, has been redefined as a 100% virtual experience to continue serving as an essential destination where retailers and CG executives can learn and share ideas.

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Growth in Uncertainty: As Consumers Change, Customer Management Must Evolve as Well

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer products companies had a strong incentive to get closer to retailers and their end customers — and now that product demand, channel preferences and customer dynamics have rapidly swung in new directions, that need has only grown more vital.


Growth in Uncertainty: What Lies Beyond

Consumer products companies want to move forward, but in many cases, their strategies, priorities and actions are being viewed through a historical lens. Even in the best of times, that approach is flawed — and now, in response to COVID-19, it’s fatally flawed.

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