Supply Chain Execution

Supply Chain in Crisis

Thanks to a disruption cocktail of pandemic-prompted factory shutdowns, input shortages, labor scarcities and rocky logistics, the consumer goods industry finds itself in a supply chain crisis. And, unfortunately, the light at the end of the tunnel remains hazy.
Supply Chain in Crisis
Corporate Strategy

Calling All Consumer Goods Executives!

CGT is bringing back its Review & Outlook special report this December — tapping into the industry's brightest minds to recap a year of disruption and share insights on where to place future bets — and we want to hear from you.
Retail Execution

The Changing Face of Modern Retail Execution

Learn about today’s most effective retail execution technologies, the types of data CGs should prioritize right now, and what to know about becoming better trading partners with retailers.
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Future-Proofing ERP Investments

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Infographic: How Tech Fuels the ROI of Sustainability

Learn how technology is helping today's biggest brands advance their sustainability goals, and what the risks are for the companies that fail to take action now. 

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