• CGT Visionaries Shortlisted in Eddie & Ozzie Awards

    CGT has been named a finalist in the Folio: Eddie & Ozzie Awards, the annual program recognizing excellence in editorial content and design across all formats.
    Eddie Ozzie Finalist 2023
  • 2023 CGT Visionaries: Magnifying Future-Ready Innovators

    Learn how this year’s Visionaries are pioneering new paths within their companies and categories, and see just what they believe the future holds for the consumer goods industry as a whole.
    CGT 2023 Visionaries
  • 2022 CGT Visionaries: Creativity at its Finest

    As the consumer goods industry moves into a new era of innovation, leading the charge is the 2022 class of CGT Visionaries. Learn about the achievements drawing widespread praise from their peers, partners, and CGT’s own editors.
    CGT Visionaries 2022
  • Visionaries 2021: Celebrating Today’s Leaders Taking Innovation to New Heights

    While some CGs retreated in the face of their new, complicated realities, other innovative leaders welcomed the challenge, fast-tracking technology implementations while not worrying about failing fast. Read about these execs here in CGT's 2021 Visionaries feature.
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  • Visionaries 2020: Honoring Today's Most Remarkable Leaders During the Most Extraordinary Times

    From technologies to strategies and everything in between, this year’s class of purpose-driven visionary executives are leading the charge to a more innovative and sustainable future.
  • Visionaries 2018

    CGT’s annual look at inspirational executives driving innovative change at their organizations
  • Visionaries 2017

    Inspirational executives driving change in their organizations — and beyond.
  • 2016 Visionaries: A Digital Leader for the New World

    This year's class of Visionaries does not disappoint. Whether focused on supply chain, analytics, sales and marketing, or innovation, the insights these leaders share on the pages to come are invaluable. CGT is proud to present 11 movers and shakers who are making a major impression on the industry, starting with a retail visionary most recently from Walmart.
  • 2015 Visionaries

    CGT is proud to present the 2015 class of Visionaries. These are seven of the brightest minds in the industry, leading their companies down the path to success. Whether nominated by peers, partner companies -- and even competitors -- the executives featured here all exemplify the term "visionary" and will inspire you to action as you read about their accomplishments.
  • 2014 Visionaries

    CGT proudly presents its newest class of Visionaries; 11 consumer goods professionals who are shaping the future of their companies with unprecedented business and technology initiatives.