Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit 2020



The 2020 Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit virtual experience provided consumer goods executives with the unprecedented opportunity to learn from the industry’s leading consumer goods experts.

All of this year's amazing educational sessions are available on-demand. Just click on the title below to see the session for free.

  • Transform your brand and organization through consumer-obsessed innovation
  • Discover and Explore future tech
  • Understand how to best connect with a fluid market and win in the new normal 
  • Learn from the industry's most influential and innovative executives

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DAY 1:

Opening Keynote: Strength in Numbers; Tapping into Innovative Partnerships

Every major undertaking takes a village. This is especially true when it comes to making more meaningful and lasting connections along the consumer journey. More so now than ever before, consumers want to make purchases that are purposeful, and to better understand their behavior, retailers and CG brands need to work closer together to meet these evolving demands. By breaking down external silos, and using technology in an innovative and authentic ways, brands, retailers, and consumers can benefit from partnerships that are stronger than ever.

Speakers: Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO, TerraCycle; Tim Denman, Editor in Chief, CGT/RIS; Giles Bolton, Responsible Sourcing Director, Tesco; Maxence de Royer, Vice President Strategy, Business Development & Sustainability, Nestlé

Georgia-Pacific Pushes Their Digital Transformation Strategy Through Co-Innovation

Georgia-Pacific has a clear strategy to stay on the cutting-edge of technology within the consumer products industry. Learn how Chad Watson, leveraged SAP through co-innovation on addressing an industry pain point of trade claims management with SAP’s intelligent trade claims management (ITCM). Uncover his experience, and outlook on future co-innovation opportunities with SAP’s industry cloud.

Speakers: Chad Watson, Business Process Lead, Georgia Pacific; Peter Charette, Global Solution Owner - Consumer Products, SAP

Less Is More: How Technology Accelerates and Monetizes Brand Intelligence

Traditional approaches for gathering consumer insights are often complex, time consuming and expensive, and rarely yield actionable data. They can also be inaccurate, with the gap between reality and research findings growing. With the COVID crisis, the need to challenge the status quo and think about new ways of doing things more efficiently is accelerating. Technology enables companies to unify multiple data sources for a simplified, actionable view. The result is a clear and quantitative understanding of what drives brand growth, and a higher return on the market research investment.

Speaker: Franck Sarrazit, Senior XM Scientist, Qualtrics

Closing Keynote: From the Frontlines of Convenience: How to 'Win with Winners'

Bringing together disjointed teams is a major undertaking, especially during a pandemic. Mix in mergers and acquisitions and you have another level of complexity that can create a siloed approach to sales and marketing. In this session, we will hear from the frontlines of convenience stores as Yesway’s CMO Derek Gaskins shares how he has brought his passion of data, analytics and loyalty programs to the organization. He will explore how integrating people, process and technology has allowed Yesway to scale at breakneck speed. The Yesway team is laser-focused on the consumer, collaborating with supplier partners, and breaking down sales and marketing silos to build the nimble organization of the future. Learn how they maximized their marketing efforts in the age of disruption.

Speaker: Derek Gaskins, CMO, Yesway

DAY 2:

Opening Keynote: CG Brands Leading From the Front With E-Commerce

E-commerce has taken on a new sense of urgency in 2020 as brands turn to DTC to get products into consumers' hands quickly and seamlessly. But e-commerce success is easier said than done, companies must build a collaborative team that is able to maximize growth as commerce blurs the distinction between brands, retailers, media and advertising. This panel discussion will explore the talent, technology and organizational structure necessary to win in digital and provide a behind the scenes look on how to develop an e-commerce strategy that produces results.

Speakers: Cheryl Perkins, CEO, Innovationedge LLC; Lee Bogner, Global E-commerce Architecture Leader, and Strategist, Mars Inc.; Surabhi Pokhriyal, Global Director E-Commerce Acceleration, Johnson & Johnson; Claudia Fenske, Sales Director, WD-40 Company

How Whirlpool Achieves Its Perfect Store Ambitions

Consumer products companies can no longer rely on the strength of their brand alone. In order to connect with modern consumers and build customer loyalty, they need to deliver the right products at the right place and time. Whirlpool, one of the world’s largest household appliance manufacturers, will share how they create the perfect store with intelligent sales tools that turn its sales reps into trusted advisors. Mauro Gaeta and Simon Dechent will discuss market trends in the consumer products industry go-to-market in traditional and modern trade; challenges Whirlpool faces in today’s retail environment; and the benefits seen, including increased sales rep productivity and improved store performance. Join us to learn about best and next practices to achieve a perfect store vision.

Speakers: Simon Dechent, Global Center of Excellence Lead - SAP Sales Cloud Retail Execution, SAP SE; Mauro Gaeta, Go-to-Market Solution Architect, Whirlpool EMEA

Let’s Get Together: Consumer Product Brands Are Moving Closer to Consumers

Getting closer to the consumer has never been more important. This session brings trends, insights, and a handy DTC playbook that shares how DTC digital natives behave differently. It will explore why understanding evolving un-met needs and real-time, hyper-personalized trust-based engagement is a must for consumer product brands; why DTC commerce platforms need to have a low total cost of ownership; how smart innovations for remote selling matter; and how to fulfill the last mile successfully while offering consumers an A+ experience. 

Speakers: Paul Smith, SAP CX Global Industry Principal - Consumer Products, SAP; Sunny Neely, Global Solution Director, SAP

Closing Keynote: Consumer-Obsessed SMBs

Building meaningful, long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with consumers is the heart and soul of the CG industry and is the catalyst for both technological innovation and strategic investment. This panel will highlight how leading small-to-mid-sized consumer goods brands that have embedded consumer obsession throughout the organization, are able to leverage that consumer-first mindset to lead from the front with innovative sales and marketing strategies.

Speakers: Alarice Rajagopal, Senior Editor, CGT; Ekta Chopra, Digital Officer, e.l.f. Beauty; Joel Warady, President, Catalina Snacks Inc.; Dan Klein, Chief Executive Officer, Tiesta Tea Company