Research and Reports

  • Tech-Driven Revenue Planning in an Omnichannel World

    Measuring trade promotion effectiveness has never been a straightforward task, but today’s abrupt digital shift has tangled the webs and tightened the knots for unprecedented complexity.
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  • Empowering CGs to Focus on Supply Chain Opportunities

    CGT tapped into the expertise of Lori Harner, senior director of product marketing for E2open, to get her perspective on how CGs can become more empowered to focus on the supply chain opportunities moving forward.
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  • CGT’s 2021 CMO of the Year Winners

    Bestowed upon an executive who has made the greatest demonstrable impact through the implementation and successful use of new marketing strategies, technologies and/or processes, this year's CMO of the Year winners are The Hershey Company’s Jill Baskin and e.l.f. Beauty’s Kory Marchisotto.
  • Enabling a Future-Proof Supply Chain

    Achieving flexibility and resilience is proving a tall order, thanks to the current state of many consumer goods supply chains. Read on and discover how CGs can strengthen their supply chain foundation in an era of constant change in this latest roadmap report.
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  • CGT’s 2021 CIO of the Year Winners

    Each year, CGT collects nominations for CIOs who are making a business impact within their consumer goods organizations through the implementation and successful use of technology. This year, we unveil three winners; read about them here.
    2021 CIO of the Year Winners
  • The 4 Key Imperatives for Consumer Goods Manufacturers

    The evolving global market post-pandemic has created unique challenges for consumer brand manufacturers. They search for ways to stay agile while adjusting to market trends. As brand loyalty declines, consumers gravitate to customizable products, creating a greater need for product flexibility.
  • Infographic: A New Day for Demand Sensing

    Discover the first step to a more resilient end-to-end supply chain.
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  • Preparing for an E-commerce-Fueled Future

    Learn some of the most important things brands must know when it comes to digital commerce platforms and business models, including the trifecta of capabilities required to win customer experience, and why looking to digital natives for inspiration can be a big mistake.
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  • How Digitalization and Digital Twins Drive Innovation Efficiency

    Demand for an ever-changing wider variety of higher quality personalized products is heating up. So, too, is the pressure to produce top-caliber products at a lower price. Digitalization is the key to successfully overcoming these challenges, with digital twins playing a starring role. Learn how.
  • Wiser Brand Benchmark: Shopper Insights - Consumer Household Products

    What’s working (and what isn’t?) for brands inside brick-and-mortar stores? Which companies are capturing shoppers’ attention? Offering the best prices? Appealing packaging?
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  • Extended Enterprise: Securing the Future in Consumer & Retail

    This KPMG paper examines today’s third-party risk management challenges for consumer and retail organizations.
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  • Will Work-From-Anywhere Work for Consumer Goods?

    As businesses start to open up again, consumer goods executives are grappling with the changes of today's new work settings, balancing the environmental, employee satisfaction, recruitment, and other benefits with the downsides of a distributed workforce.
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