A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Supply Chain Report.

Supply Chain Report

  • Not Normal Just Yet: Demand Planning in 2021

    The pandemic’s ramifications across the consumer goods industry will be felt for quite some time, and perhaps no more so than within demand planning. Dig into some of the data surrounding the state of demand planning, how the industry is reacting and responding, and deep insight from supply chain analysts.
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  • Supply Chain Report 2020: A Wake-Up Call for the Future of Consumer Goods

    Just five short months ago, the consumer goods industry was focused on building a supply chain to support the omnichannel era, focusing on four key areas: demand planning, fulfillment, manufacturing, and last-mile delivery. However, since then the industry has been flipped on its head.
  • Supply Chain Report: A Practical Approach to Digitization

    Where Artificial Intelligence Makes Sense for the Grocery Industry
  • Supply Chain Report: Achieving Control Over the Omnichannel Challenge

    A Q&A with Greg Brady, chief executive officer of One Network
  • Supply Chain Report 2019: To ‘Each’ His Own

    Product manufacturers are rebuilding supply chains to meet the needs of omnichannel commerce.
  • 2016 Supply Chain Report

    CGT’s third-annual study examines the extensive work being done to ensure that supply chains can deliver on the new digital reality.
  • Supply Chain Report 2018

    The evolution toward an omnichannel marketplace is driving a revolution within the consumer goods supply chain, as companies rebuild their traditional practices in response to radically different consumer behavior. CGT examines the state of the consumer goods supply chain in this fifth-annual report.
  • Supply Chain Report 2017

    Digital tools are helping consumer goods companies build end-to-end transparency, from concept to consumption. Content partners IDC Manufacturing Insights and Supply Chain Insights help CGT takes its annual look at supply chain trends.
  • 2015 Supply Chain Report

    Now in its second year, this report, produced by CGT, IDC and Supply Chain Insights, uncovers opportunities for growth in the consumer goods supply chain from addressing business challenges and collaborating with retail to finding the right talent and maximizing ROI with technology.
  • Supply Chain Report 2017: State of Automation

    Digitization is not digitalization.
  • 2014 Supply Chain Report

    In this inaugural report, CGT tapped into the industry's foremost supply chain experts for perspectives and advice on all things supply chain, from identifying priorities and finding ROI to tips for collaboration talent, outsourcing and even supply chains to admire.

A collection of news, articles and other featured content about Supply Chain Report.