Walgreens Throws Hat Into Retail Media Network Ring

Lisa Johnston
Senior Editor
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With the launch of the Walgreens Advertising Group (WAG) media network, Walgreens has placed itself in good company with drug store chains like CVS and Rite Aid that are looking to serve as a new connection between brands and consumers.

Billed as a full-service, personalization-driven advertising offering, WAG will tap into first-party data culled from Walgreens’ 9,000-plus stores and 100 million-plus loyalty members to provide CG brands with tailored audiences for their promotional efforts.

The network will leverage advanced analytics and data science to help them meet individual goals, unlocking access to consumers via digital display, video, social, streaming audio and email, as well as Walgreens’ digital platforms and stores.

Access to Walgreens Programmatic Demand Side Platform (DSP), meanwhile, offers SKU-level real-time optimization based on daily transactions, and WAG will provide audience and shopper insights, creative services, and optimization and measurement to help brands deepen their consumer relationships.

“Leveraging advanced technology to unlock the power of our first-party data, we can help brands accelerate ROI by delivering relevant and personalized experiences to their highest value consumers,” said Luke Kigel, VP, Walgreens integrated media and head of WAG, in a statement.

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