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Where are the best places to work? LinkedIn, a major source of information and networking for job searchers around the globe, has ranked them. 

The consumer goods industry is overflowing with innovation, providing job seekers with the opportunity to take on roles that will challenge them and provide an outlet for creativity and opportunities for growth. LinkedIn recently launched its Top Companies: Industry Edition, highlighting the best places to grow careers across a series of industries, including consumer goods. 

Here’s how LinkedIn ranks the top five. 

1. PepsiCo

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Parent company to brands like Frito-Lay and Tropicana, PepsiCo’s top U.S. locations are New York City, Dallas-Forth Worth, and Chicago. The company typically looks for skills in warehouse operations, supply chain management, and sales management. The most common job titles at the brand are salesperson, merchandiser, and key account manager. 

What employees are saying: “I’ve had the opportunity to gain real world leadership experience through various marketing roles and passion projects. From working on global creative campaigns for iconic brands like Lay’s to exploring emerging culture and technology on the creator team, I’ve always enjoyed the breadth of career opportunities that our company provides.” — Marlowe Williams, Marketing Director

PepsiCo in the News

Doritos, the Frito-Lay brand within PepsiCo’s portfolio, jumped at the opportunity to tie several flavors — including a new limited-edition 3D Crunch Three Cheese product — to the upcoming season four premiere of Netflix’s popular show, "Stranger Things." Read more.

The company also recently teamed with Schneider Electric for Pep+ Renew, a collaboration that wants to accelerate the adoption of renewable electricity to foster a food system that’s both carbon-efficient and more resilient. Read more.

2. AB InBev

AB Inbev logo

AB InBev owns brands such as Anheuser-Busch, Grupo Modelo, and SABMille. The company’s top locations are New York City, St. Louis, and Los Angeles. Most notable skills include idea incubation, lean manufacturing, and trade marketing, The most common job titles at the company are business process manager, key account manager, and brand activation manager. 

What employees are saying: “Straight out of university, I entered the magical world of ABI. I am proud to say I was selected to be a part of the first group of Africa GMTs, a journey of personal and professional growth where I met with daily challenges, many ups and downs and the steepest learning curve. I can safely say that the program has provided a solid foundation for my learning path and has set me up for a successful career.” — Claudia Schmid, General Manager

AB InBev in the News

Anheuser-Busch InBev restructured its commercial leadership, appointing its first chief growth officer and naming a new chief marketing officer. Read more. 

The company’s BEES e-commerce platform enables AB InBev partners to place orders for more than 500 brands, manage invoices, schedule deliveries, and earn rewards, and as the company brings BEES to new markets across the globe, it’s beefing it up to include a marketplace with third-party manufacturers and adding new features like alternative payment methods to transform how the company uses technology to do business. Read more.

Beer brand Estrella Jalisco, part of AB InBev, launched a consumer engagement campaign, “Vive Tu Estrella,” that challenges job seekers to live their lives authentically, welcoming social media users to participate using a branded hashtag. Read more.

3. Reckitt

Reckitt Logo

Reckitt’s top U.S. locations are New York City, Salt Lake City, and Minneapolis-St. Paul. The most notable skills are SAP ERP, Microsoft Power BI, and continuous improvement, and the most common job titles are sales analyst, key account manager, and brand marketing manager. 

Reckitt in the News

Reckitt is beefing up both its internal and external digital competencies as it prepares for the next shifts in consumer behavior. The consumer goods company now has e-commerce capabilities, whether through online platforms or direct-to-consumer, in every market in which it operates. Read more.

“There are four trends and technologies that will change the world. If these are not on your radar, put them on your radar and learn all about them. If it's the first time you're hearing about some of these, remember where you heard it, ” Aditya Sehgal, business leader and former president, Reckitt. Read more.

4. Colgate-Palmotive

Colgate Palmotive logo

The top U.S. locations at Colgate-Palmolive are New York City; Knoxville, Tennessee; and Columbus, Ohio. Among the most notable skills are Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Apache Airflow, and product development, and most common job titles include customer development specialist, brand marketing manager, and category development manager.

What employees are saying: “My time at Colgate has been incredibly rewarding and has given me plenty of stretch opportunities to showcase my skills while working independently and collaborating with teams across the Colgate world.” — Edwin Kelly, Manager, Trademark & Legal Products

Colgate-Palmolive in the News

Colgate-Palmolive is implementing a global productivity program to streamline operations and its supply chain, expecting to execute the majority of it this year. As it prepares for what’s anticipated to be yet another volatile year, the company is also increasing investments in both advertising spend and capacity for certain categories to sustain volume growth amid price increases and category growth — as well as launching a predictive tool for dentists in support of a teeth-whitening product. Read more.

5. Danone

Danone headshot

Danone's top U.S. locations are New York City; Washington, D.C.; and Lynchburg, Virginia. The most notable skills are food manufacturing, food processing, and SAP ERP, and the most common job titles are customer business manager, key account manager, and sales analyst.

What employees are saying: “Danone is an incredible place to grow, develop and thrive as a professional given the entrepreneurial spirit that guides this global company. Every employee has the opportunity to be heard and implement changes that immediately improve customer satisfaction, internal operations and the bottom line. Danone truly cares about its people.” — Raffi Setrakian, Senior Logistics Manager

Danone in the News

Nandha Kumar, CIO Americas, Danone, moderated a panel at Analytics Unite: The Summit for Retail and Consumer Brands in Chicago, tackling the topics of finding, training, and retaining employees. Read more.


LinkedIn ranked the best workplaces to grow a career in nine major sectors, based on seven pillars of career progression — ability to advance, skills growth, company stability, external opportunity, company affinity, gender diversity, and educational background — as well as opportunities for advancement like promotions and upskilling. 

Find the full list here.

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