AB InBev's Estrella Jalisco Prompts Job Seekers to ‘Live Their Star’

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Beer brand Estrella Jalisco, part of AB InBev, is launching a new consumer engagement campaign, “Vive Tu Estrella,” that challenges consumers to live their lives authentically, welcoming social media users to participate using a branded hashtag. 

The campaign will feature first-generation Mexican Americans who “live their star” within six- 15- and 30-second video vignettes, showcasing individuals such as a dancer with a unique style and an aspiring chef. 

Watch one of the video spots below:

The brand is tying financial and career incentives to the campaign, giving away a $100k grant to an individual so they can pursue their dream without worrying about finances. To enter the contest, participants must post a one-sentence statement about what dream they would pursue using the hashtag #ViveTuEstrella. 

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Kelsey Willis, brand director of Estrella Jalisco at Anheuser-Busch said the brand wants to support the bold, the authentic, and the daring within its community. 

“That’s why we're excited to launch our 'Vive Tu Estrella Grant' which is tailored to empower one lucky winner to live out their true passion and career goals,” she says. 

Source: Estrella Jalisco
Source: Estrella Jalisco

Estrella Jalisco is partnering with The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE), a national nonprofit that works with employers to help them attract, develop, and retain Latino and diverse professionals.

“We’re thrilled to take part in Estrella Jalisco’s ‘Vive Tu Estrella’ grant, as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary,” said Kimberly Gutierrez, director of leadership programs at The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement.

“Our mission has always been to propel the advancement of current and aspiring Latino professionals, so we love the idea of empowering someone with the means to chase their true passion and career goals like leadership coaching,” she added.

A Modern Take on Hiring and Retention

As job seekers flood the markets looking for new opportunities, CGs are investing in their hiring strategies and bolstering retention rates, putting an emphasis on diversity and inclusion. PepsiCo, for example, is expanding its Community College Program to an additional nine U.S. cities to help close the education and achievement gap for historically excluded communities.  

Technology is playing an increasingly important role in this space, as companies look to implement AI that can lessen algorithmic bias in their hiring practices. Nike, Walmart, CVS Health, and Under Armour are members of Data & Trust Alliance, which seeks to help companies adopt responsible data and AI practices.

Other CGs are putting increased focus on improving conditions for existing staff, leveraging tech to save on manual hours and allowing employees to focus on analytics and judgment-based work. Levi’s is doing this by implementing automation bots.

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While Estrella Jalisco is not using this new advertising campaign to strengthen its own hiring practices, one chosen participant will receive funding to achieve the career goals of their choosing. Submissions are being accepted through March 18, 2022.

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