Top 10 Headlines for 2014 So Far

The first half of 2014 flew by, yet so much has changed. CGT stops time for a moment to recap the most-read news and trend stories on from January through June.

What does this short list tell us? Consumer trends, changing shopper preferences and industry predictions are the top-of-mind topics for our readers. Along those lines, it seems as though everyone is trying to figure out the next big thing, whether it’s investigating a new area of investment, or focusing on those buzz words that we’re all guilty of overusing (cue big data here).

This list also revisits some of CGT’s most popular stories (i.e. the annual Review & Outlook, Readers’ Choice and Visionaries issues), and tackles some topics we deem the usual suspects (i.e. TPM, Outsourcing and, of course, everything P&G).

So slow down, sit back and reminisce about the trends and challenges we already faced in the first half of this year. We look forward to seeing which topics will fall off the bottom of the list, and which will resurface throughout the remainder of 2014.

  1. Top 10 Food Trend Predictions for 2014
    Millennials, health-conscious shoppers and a shift in consumer palates set the stage for what's to come in the food world this year according to Supermarket Guru Phil Lempert. For 2014, the most dramatic food changes were predicted to stem from the ever-changing consumers and their relationships with merchants, brands and food.
  2. New Gen Y Shopping Preferences Revealed
    Despite being far more tech-savvy than previous generations, Generation Y, the 80-million strong cohort of Americans between the ages of 18 and 35, has not forsaken shopping in stores for online purchasing — as long as retailers keep their offerings “fresh” and interesting, says a report from the Urban Land Institute (ULI).
  3. 2014 Review & Outlook: The 2020 Imperative
    How can consumer goods companies best prepare themselves to stay in front of future trends, many of which are just educated guesses at this point? In the 2014 Review & Outlook Report, we asked 75 of the industry’s brightest minds — each of whom is driving change in the consumer goods industry in his or her own right — to look into their crystal ball and tell us: What one initiative must consumer goods companies pursue now in order to compete and grow in the year 2020?
  4. Top 10 Most Chosen Consumer Goods Brands
    The first ranking of the most chosen global fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands revealed the brands that are being bought by the most consumers, the most often. Kantar Worldpanel’s Brand Footprint Ranking revealed the strength of brands in 32 countries around the world, across the food, beverage, health and beauty and homecare sectors.
  5. 2014 Readers' Choice Survey
    CGT’s readers voted for their preferred solution and service providers in 12 categories, which reflect the vast landscape of IT investment opportunities available today. The results, and accompanying commentary from industry experts and analysts, guide business and IT decision makers in their quest to find the technology/service providers that can deliver a competitive edge in today’s changing market. The three most-read Readers’ Choice categories were Trade Promotion Management, Supply Chain Planning and Consulting.
  1. P&G Strikes Big Outsourcing Deal
    The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) enlisted CenturyLink Technology Solutions to help transform the way it internally procures and consumes IT services. Expanding on a web-hosting relationship that began in 1999 when CenturyLink Technology Solutions operated as Savvis, P&G now taps a wide range of CenturyLink's global IT outsourcing solutions in order to instill agility into its corporate IT strategy.
  2. Experts Disprove Big Data Myths
    This edition of CGT Straight Talk tackles big data, one of the hottest topics to hit the business world. Notwithstanding the hype, the buzz around insights and analytics has created a lot of confusion. Let our experts help you disprove the myths.
  3. Big Data Adoption
    CGT partnered with CenturyLink Technology Solutions (formerly Savvis) to take a look at what big data really means in our industry and how data-related initiatives are coming together under a big data umbrella.
  4. 5 Social Media Trends That Might Surprise You
    After conducting high-level research into the into the strategies employed by Fortune 500 companies across the United States, Mintel’s social media analysts singled out the top five trends in online consumer marketplace behavior this quarter. Some may seem like common sense in a digital age, while others may open your eyes to even more possibilities for consumer engagement.
  5. 2014 Visionaries
    Earlier this month, CGT proudly celebrated the success of 11 people in driving notable change both within their respective organizations and throughout the consumer goods industry as a whole. Beginning with a tribute to the architect behind P&G’s groundbreaking "1, Consumer Place" initiative, we shine a spotlight on the triumphs that they achieved and preview what they are planning to conquer next.