Johnson & Johnson’s Ravi Parmeswar Demystifying Long-Term Loyalty at CGSM 2022

In today’s attention economy, long-term loyalty is a hot — yet increasingly elusive — commodity. Leading-edge sellers recognize the value that lies beyond the sale and are focused on delivering meaningful products and experiences that create repeat customers. What does it take to transform a one-time buyer into a brand evangelist? 

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During this year’s Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit, held in New York City from October 26-28, Ravi Parmeswar, Johnson & Johnson’s chief analytics officer, will share insight into this topic on the powerhouse panel discussion: “The Art and Science of Consumer Loyalty.” 

Joined by Mark Edmonson, chief marketing officer from GoGo SqueeZ, as well as Imteaz Ahamed, director of performance marketing at Reckitt, Parmeswar and his fellow panelists will share details on how to use data points to bolster innovative marketing efforts and the strategies they use to attract, engage, and retain loyal customers.

Over the course of his career, Parmeswar has led the charge in building global marketing intelligence and analytics for a number of global Fortune 100 companies. He has also been instrumental in driving transformational growth for iconic brands such as Citigroup, where he served as managing director, Blackrock (senior advisor), Sara Lee (VP), and Coca-Cola (VP). 

During his time at Coca-Cola, Parmeswar headed up North American and global business analysis, marketplace intelligence, consumer insights, and decision support across 200 countries. He also served as a member of the global marketing leadership team and the North America SBU leadership team, working with the company's most senior leaders to develop data-driven marketing and communication strategies, business plans, and research initiatives. Insights generated during Parmeswar's tenure led to the creation of Coke Zero, the business' most successful new product in decades. 

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