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Maia Jenkins is an editor at CGT. She is originally from the U.K. but now based in the U.S. on the Gulf Coast. Prior to joining EnsembleIQ, she worked as a content manager and features writer for the HR media platform People Matters. She also helped found their digital learning platform, BeNext. As a freelancer, she has worked across various industries including retail, luxury goods, food and beverage and people and work technologies. In addition to writing, she spent many years in the education sphere, teaching and doing curriculum design for both adults and children in schools and businesses across Europe. She holds a MA from University College London and a BA from King's College London.



Unilever Combats Food Waste with New Temperature-Sensitive Smart Mayonnaise Jars

In an effort to reduce waste, Unilever brand Hellmann’s is trialing smart mayonnaise jars that indicate when fridge temperatures are at the optimum levels for food freshness.

Serta Simmons Bedding Accelerates Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Mattress company Serta Simmons is overhauling their supply chain tech processes, leveraging machine learning and AI tech to optimize manufacturing efficiency and support the company through their next stage of growth.

How Kraft Heinz is Scaling Their RGM Capabilities

In this edited webinar transcript Kraft Heinz’ global RGM lead, Maksym Roshchyn, and Rahul Ubgade, AVP, consumer, retail & logistics, Infosys discuss how economic volatility and market uncertainty have made revenue growth management even more important than it used to be, and how leading brands like

How Hammitt’s Early Cloud Bet Unleashed Luxury Growth

CGT caught up with Hammitt Founder and CEO Tony Drockton to discuss how the brand’s early adoption of cloud technology has helped turbocharge its growth over the last decade.

Mondelēz, Johnson & Johnson Home In on Illness Forecasting To Boost On-Shelf Availability

A pair of Mondelēz and Johnson & Johnson symptom relief brands are investing in tech solutions that will allow them to track proprietary data, identify illness trends, and use these insights to inform consumer engagement strategies.

Elevating Your Retail Execution Framework

A robust REX framework is essential to drive growth and profits for CG companies today. In this roadmap report, learn how CGs can strengthen their REX framework, synergize competing channels and influences, and ultimately deliver more seamless consumer experiences.

Synthesizing Retail Execution Channels to Deliver Seamless Consumer Experiences

Retail execution is a complex machine with many moving parts. In this Q&A, Mat Brogie, CEO of Repsly, outlines some of the biggest challenges facing CGs within retail execution today, and what companies must do to move away from the legacy practices holding them back.
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Nestlé Leveraging VR to Create and Test Virtual Product Prototypes

Nestlé say they are piloting VR in product development, experimenting with tools and technologies that will enable them to create and quickly test product prototypes in Web3 and the metaverse.

DTC’s Evolving Role in Building Privacy-Led Consumer Experiences

DTC provides a unique channel for CGs to personalize experiences and gather zero and first-party data without unnerving consumers or running afoul of ever-shifting privacy laws.
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Help Wanted: Fewer Fears, More Training With AI’s Impact On the Future of Work

One of the most pressing questions on the minds of consumer goods executives took center stage last week as the National AI Advisory Committee (NAIAC) met to discuss the evolving state of U.S. artificial intelligence competitiveness and what AI means for the future of work.