Grilling, Pets and Disinfecting Wipes Contribute to Latest Clorox Sales Spike

Alarice Rajagopal
Senior Editor
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The global pandemic has obviously resulted in many new consumer habits and demands, but some of these trends, like grilling, have contributed to the latest sales spike, as reported by Clorox.

Clorox Company’s year-over-year second quarter sales are up overall 27% according to its latest earnings call. The CPG giant attributes the health and wellness business segment up 42% and its household segment up 20%.

While consumption remains high, Clorox is also focused on household penetrations and repeats by new and existing users driven by new routines developed from the prolonged pandemic. The company also anticipates a greater focus on retaining its larger base of loyal consumers well after a critical mass has been vaccinated.

Clorox is also focused on expanding its supply with a new line of wipes plant coming online and identifying new sources of supply for other products that are experiencing challenges. It is also looking forward to bringing back compostable wipes and teases a new stream of innovation in the coming months.

“Clorox disinfecting products continue to be in high demand among consumers, businesses, and healthcare settings. And as people spend more time at home, we're continuing to see strong performance in other parts of our portfolio,” said CEO Linda Rendle.

To help supplement a softer demand from some businesses like commercial cleaning and food service (impacting by mobility restrictions), Clorox is also focusing on expanding unique partnerships, such as a new multi-year deal with the NBA.

With regards to its household segment, grilling sales and pet sales are also reported up due to the dramatic rise in cooking at home and a record number of people becoming pet parents. In line with this, some of its brands like Kingsford, Glad ForceFlex and Fresh Step, are bringing new innovations to the product lineups (along with support from new advertising campaigns).

“There's no question Clorox has built significant momentum over the last year, and we have every intention of extending that longer term,” according to Rendle. “Our brand portfolio is especially relevant for this environment and for the consumer trends I mentioned last quarter, which we expect to persist beyond the pandemic: Prioritizing hygiene and health and wellness, caring for pets and accelerating digital behaviors related to practically every aspect of their lives.”

Rendle also reinforced that simplification is the Clorox mantra as it is focusing on fewer SKUs, which is expected to continue beyond the pandemic. Rendle also mentioned Clorox’s plans to expand its disinfecting wipes internationally, supported by a dedicated supply chain, with the aim to double the number of countries that Clorox wipes are sold.