Consumer Demands Are Rewriting the Sales and Marketing Playbook


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Consumer behavior has been upended by the pandemic in 2020, leaving CG brands to rewrite the rules of sales and marketing on the fly. Some of the most unprecedented situations have emerged from these uncharted waters – consumers are no longer satisfied with CG brands simply doing good, they must do better. Back-burner plans were kicked to the front of the line, the need for stronger retailer relationships surfaced, and CG brands’ voices have never been more influential, or demanded, or studied.

That is why, in an upcoming webinar, CGT editors will dive deep into the 2020 Sales & Marketing Report with the help of Stan Joosten, Senior Director of Procter & Gamble, and Tom Coburn, CEO and co-founder of Jebbit to provide their real-world perspectives on topics including:

  • Living up to consumer demand for transparency and purpose in marketing. 
  • Throwing out one-size-fits-all marketing strategies for more granular consumer targeting.
  • Connecting DTC for crucial tracking and analysis of interactions.
  • Meeting consumers where they spend most of their time — like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 
  • Being able to digitally transform with a deeper level of connection.

Join this lively discussion and learn how to lean on data, analytics, and technology, to guide your path toward more meaningful marketing strategies.





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