Estee Lauder Blasting Into Space

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Estee Lauder Blasting Into Space

By Lisa Johnston - 09/22/2020
Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex serum
Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex serum

Estée Lauder is going next-level with a new marketing campaign.

The beauty company is launching its Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex serum into space via an Antares rocket on Sept. 29, as part of NASA’s efforts to enable business opportunities on the International Space Station. Photos of the product will be taken on the Space Station, with pictures arriving to Estee Lauder later this year that it will use on its social media platforms.

Estée Lauder, which is the first beauty brand to participate in the NASA’s program, said it chose Advanced Night Repair because it was both the first nighttime repair serum in the beauty industry and the first beauty product to use hyaluronic acid.

“We are thrilled to reinforce our leadership once again as the first beauty brand to go into space,” said Stéphane de La Faverie, group president of The Estée Lauder Companies and global brand president of Estée Lauder. “NASA is at the forefront of space exploration, and as a leader in skincare innovation, Estée Lauder is proud to support the incredible work NASA is doing to promote a space economy by being the second-ever commercial product to launch.”

“NASA is opening the International Space Station to business as part of the agency’s efforts to enable a robust low-Earth orbit economy,” said Phil McAlister, director of commercial spaceflight development at NASA headquarters. “We’re dedicating a modest amount of crew time – just 5% – to agreements like these to directly support NASA’s broad strategy to facilitate the commercialization of low-Earth orbit by U.S. entities by demonstrating new markets utilizing the unique environment of space.”

The Estee Lauder Companies is No. 44 on the CGT Top 100 Consumer Goods Companies of 2019 ranking.

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