A collection of featured Editor's Notes.

A collection of featured Editor's Notes.

Editor's Note

    • April 2019: CGT is on the Rise

      Technically speaking, you’re reading the final issue of Consumer Goods Technology. But we’re not going anywhere. We’ve just decided to practice what we’ve been preaching for the last few years.
    • CGT February 2019: Straight from the Sources

      Candid comments from Readers' Choice respondents present a pretty picture of an industry relying on information technology to drive future success.
    • CGT December 2018: A Year of Living Digitally

      I don’t want to overstate things, but it seems pretty clear that all the discussion we’ve been having about digital transformation over the last few years seems to have taken hold.
    • CGT October 2018: More from Less

      The more things change, the more budgets stay the same. A look at CGT's October 2018 issue.
    • CGT August 2018: Welcome to the Age of Innovation

      How do you succeed in a marketplace where the rules of engagement with consumers, retailers and more-nimble new competitors have changed dramatically? Based on the discussions held in June at the Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit, “Innovation” might be the one-word answer.
    • CGT June 2018: Companion Pieces

      This year’s CGT “Visionaries” do a pretty good job illustrating all the industry changes discussed in our annual “Sales & Marketing Study.”
    • CGT April 2018: Thinking Small

      CGT takes its annual look at "Standout SMBs" making a big impact on the industry and joins with RIS for the "Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Study."
      CGT April 2018 Cover
    • Editor's Note: IT in the Spotlight

      CGT's 18th annual Readers' Choice survey reflects the changes taking place in the consumer goods industry — and on the red carpet. (Plus, browse through the rest of CGT's February issue.)
    • Editor's Note: Putting Our Fears to Rest

      An overview of the content published this month as part of CGT's December 2017 issue. Plus, a link to the digital edition.
    • Editor's Note: Hello, and Goodbye, to ‘Digital’ Transformation

      Wholesale business transformation is required for CGs to remain relevant in a marketplace that’s now driven more by consumers than brands or retailers. And digital tools and technologies are the only logical way to achieve that.
      October 2017 Cover
    • Editor's Note: Superstar Unicorns

      Perhaps the most daunting challenge about data & analytics is finding those “unicorn” interpreters: the executives who can look at the data, see an insight, and then be able to clearly explain it to upper management.
      August 2017 Front Cover teaser image
    • Editor's Note: Join Us in Building a Smarter Community

      CGT Executive Council co-chairs Steve Sigrist and John Rossi make a call to action to the consumer goods industry in the magazine's June issue.
      June 2017 Cover

    A collection of featured Editor's Notes.