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ChatGPT, TikTok & DraftKings: 4 CPGs Getting Creative for Super Bowl 2023

Liz Dominguez
Managing Editor
Liz Dominguez
Super Bowl

Editors Note: This article has been updated to reflect Avocados From Mexico's pullback from leveraging ChatGPT during its Super Bowl campaign.

The Super Bowl and its estimated 208-plus million global viewers is just around the corner.

CPG brands, however, are prepped for kickoff, launching comprehensive digital campaigns ahead of the big day, creating consumer engagement with interactive contests, and sharing a glimpse of the promotional strongholds they’ve been saving for one of the biggest marketing opportunities of the year.

Every year, consumer goods companies flock toward the opportunity to engage this widespread audience, with last year’s event seeing participation from key players like Amazon, AB InBev, PepsiCo and Frito-Lay, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, the Kellogg's, Walmart, and more. But it takes more than a slick ad to stand out these days. 

What can we expect this year? TikTok is entering the fray this season, notes Charles R. Taylor, PhD, professor of marketing at the Villanova School of Business, with brands looking to link their marketing campaigns to the platform (we’ll show you an example of this below). Crypto, while popular in previous years, will likely bow out this year. Additionally, with a 30-second ad selling for about $7 million this year, Taylor says to expect less risk-taking from brands, with lighter, more nostalgic themes taking the lead as we navigate difficult economic times. 

These are the four standout brands that are supplementing their Super Bowl commercials with engaging, digitally-focused campaigns.

1. Avocados From Mexico

Screenshot from Super Bowl commercial for Avocados From Mexico; Credit: AFMScreenshot from Super Bowl commercial for Avocados From Mexico; Credit: AFM

Avocados From Mexico (AFM) is no stranger to leveraging emerging tech within its campaigns. In fact, in years past, the company has implemented artificial intelligence, blockchain, NFTs, and more. This year, however, the AFM is looking to step it up with Sonic DNA and ChatGPT. 

For its 9th annual immersive Super Bowl campaign, AFM launched a digital platform, “Always Good,” that allows consumers to engage within a dynamic and interactive web experience. Capabilities within the multi-pronged digital campaign include:

  • Sonic DNA: Participants can use the toolkit on the site to create AFM musical pieces when logging into their Spotify accounts, using voice technology to personalize their sounds.
  • Augmented Reality and AI: Facial expressions can trigger sounds as consumers create musical tracks.

“With its latest Super Bowl digital activation, AFM showcases the brand's expertise, innovation, and commitment to creating engaging and interactive consumer experiences,” shared Ivonne Kinser, VP of marketing and innovation at AFM. “From the launch of the brand’s new Sonic DNA to the use of cutting-edge technologies to personalized power experiences, this campaign is a testament to the brand's ability to stay ahead of the curve and create truly memorable and impactful digital experiences.”

During the big game, Avocados From Mexico will also be releasing its latest Super Bowl commercial, this year featuring actress Anna Faris.

3. Quaker

The PepsiCo brand launched a TikTok campaign with NFL legend Eli Manning, inviting consumers to share how they “pregrain” before the game. A winner will have the opportunity to attend Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

@quaker You could have the chance to win tickets to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas 1️⃣ Make your own TikTok sharing how you pregrain with Quaker Oats 2️⃣ Use #QuakerPregrain #Entry ♬ original sound - Quaker Oats

To enter, participants can head to TikTok to follow @Quaker between Jan. 30 and Feb. 12 and upload their own video sharing how they "pregrain" with Quaker Oats, with a winner selected for a trip for two to Super Bowl LVIII.

3. Miller Light

Molson Coors is cashing out on the sporting event’s large-scale betting traditions, allowing consumers to now also predict what the company’s Super Bowl ad will look like in a Miller Lite vs. Coors Lite stand off. 

Molson Coors partnered with DraftKings, giving consumers the chance to win $500,000 by predicting every detail of what will happen during its commercial — the first Super Bowl ad for the company in more than 30 years due to ongoing exclusivity agreements with AB Inbev, which have lapsed. 

Those 21 and older across the U.S. (except Virginia) can participate by visiting and signing up for an account until Sunday, February 12 at 3:30 p.m. ET and make free picks such as:

  • Which beer is mentioned first?
  • Total number of beers
  • What type of dog is pictured behind the bar?
  • The number of people with facial hair
  • What is the bartender wearing?
  • Will the Coors Light Silver Bullet Train show up?

"After being shut out of the big game for more than 30 years, we wanted to do something that had never been done before," said Michelle St. Jacques, Molson Coors' chief marketing officer, in a statement. "By giving people the chance to predict every detail of the ad before it even runs, we're bringing our fans along for the ride and getting them just as excited about our return to the big stage as we are."

4. Smirnoff

Smirnoff, owned by Diageo, turned its Super Bowl campaign into a hiring opportunity. The company launched a contest to land “the best job in America” as Smirnoff’s first cocktail coordinator. The company has been recruiting since September on a dedicated microsite and is down to three finalists.

On Jan. 29, finalists competed in a series of challenges testing their football knowledge, game day entertaining skills, and go-to cocktail playbook. The winner, which has not yet been announced, is joining Smirnoff on a private luxury transport to Arizona for the big game.

"We've been searching for someone with heart for the game, a spirit for entertaining, and unrivaled cocktail-making skills to become our first-ever cocktail coordinator," said Jennifer Holiday Hudson, North America brand leader, Smirnoff, in a statement. "At the end of the day, it's all about finding that person who can take the game day experience to the next level. Fortunately, we have three very strong candidates ready for the challenge. Now it's game time."

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