Samsonite Boosts Digital Consumer Experiences

a piece of luggage

Global luggage manufacturer and retailer Samsonite will adopt the full array of SessionCam’s Glassbox powered solutions, expected to tackle any delays on its digital platforms, combat cart abandonment, and gain a deeper level of understanding into how its consumers interact with its digital platforms.

“With the growing complexity of consumers’ digital expectations, AI-driven personalization and deep data analysis has become essential to sustained business growth” said Keith Mak, assistant manager of digital analytics at Samsonite. “SessionCam’s customer experience technologies will enable us to respond swiftly to individual and site-wide glitches as well as provide us with the visibility of customer journeys we require to fully understand their needs and deliver a seamless digital experience.”

As international travel is set to resume in earnest in the coming months, Glassbox CEO Yaron Morgenstern says the company is looking forward to equipping Samsonite with the insights and AI-driven technologies they need to thrive in today’s marketplace.

SessionCam will leverage Glassbox’s Augmented Journey Map, AI-powered alerts, Struggle Scores and tag-less capturing to equip Samsonite with a 360-degree view of its consumers’ behavior. This is essential to understanding wider consumer patterns and making informed business decisions. Simultaneously, SessionCam will empower Samsonite to respond to any glitches for a more seamless customer experience.

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