Myro Sustainable Deodorants Roll Out to Target

Cyndi Loza
Associate Editor, Path to Purchase Institute
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Target is giving another digital native, personal care brand an in-store presence by exclusively stocking Myro plant-based deodorants in refillable cases.

Myro deodorant starter kits and refill pods rolled out to Target's 1,840-plus stores and earlier this week. The starter kits comprise a colored refillable case and a scented deodorant pod, available in five scent and colored case combinations:

  • a "Chill Wave" deodorant with scent notes of cucumber, jasmine and spearmint in a "Moss," mint-colored case,
  • a "Pillow Talk" scent with notes of violet leaf, ylang ylang and wild amyris in a "Blush," light pink-colored case, 
  • a "Solar Flare" scent with notes of orange, juniper and sunflower in a "Flame," red-colored case,
  • a "Big Dipper" scent with notes of bergamot, lavender and vetiver in a "Royal," blue-colored case, and 
  • a "Cabin No. 5" scent with notes of  vetiver, patchouli and geranium in a "Slate," dark grey-colored case.

Additional scents and colored cases are available via the brand's direct-to-consumer site, where the brand boasts its deodorants are vegan, free of gluten, soy and mineral oil, and made with fewer ingredients than other deodorants. The brand also touts its reusable cases and fully recyclable deodorant pods — which use about 50% less plastic than typical drugstore deodorants — are environmentally friendly and sustainable. The prefilled deodorant cases are priced at $9.99 at Target and, while deodorant refill pods in any of the aforementioned scents are $7.99. shoppers can opt to purchase a case and deodorant pod for $10, but must sign up for a $30 subscription of three pod refills every three months.

In stores, Myro SKUs enjoy secondary merchandising space via dedicated endcaps communicating the products are “new at Target," "plant-powered," "refillable" and "pro-you (pro-planet too)." Multiple ads on and social media posts from Myro tout the arrival of the SKUs at Target.

"Target gives us the ability to scale Myro's mission and do positive things for people and the planet, in a way that can have a real impact," said Greg Laptevsky, Myro founder and chief executive officer, in a media release.

Target regularly teams with digital native brands — including Harry's, Inc.'s Flamingo, Procter & Gamble's NativeCasper Sleep and Quip — to give them an in-store presence while differentiating its product mix. Myro was among the 24 upstarts the Path to Purchase Institute's magazine called out for making unique marks on the evolving retail marketplace.