How Reckitt Leverages AI and Machine Learning in Display Campaign Optimization

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, brands are racing to distinguish and differentiate themselves in a sea of seemingly endless options. Consumers’ attention spans are at a premium, with much of this attention directed toward the digital advertising space. Data-driven insights are key to capturing information on consumer behaviors, preferences, and purchase history, then harnessing these insights to create targeted, personalized ad campaigns. 

However, creating effective advertising campaigns isn’t as straightforward as just gathering the data. Brands must contend with changing privacy and compliance laws, evolving consumer expectations, and intense competition from different sales platforms and channels. In this edited webinar transcript, Imteaz Ahamed (Reckitt’s director, performance marketing - nutrition) and Sundeep Kumar (Senior Strategy Consultant, Sigmoid) discuss how leading consumer goods companies are setting up the parameters for display campaign optimization – the right audience, the right budget, and the right settings – and leveraging machine learning and AI to help drive business growth in this rapidly-evolving space.