e.l.f. Beauty's Kory Marchisotto & Ekta Chopra To Get Personal At CGSM 2021

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With the rise of e-commerce and direct-to-consumer, the priority of providing personalized consumer experiences has also expanded to consumer goods, extending from the traditional responsibility of retail. With more data and direct consumer touchpoints, it’s clear that a custom or experiential journey builds greater loyalty, keeping those consumers coming back time and time again. But tackling personalization is not an easy task.

That’s why e.l.f. Beauty’s CMO Kory Marchisotto and CDO Ekta Chopra will take the stage during CGT’s Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit, to discuss how to provide a more personalized experience at scale.

Held Dec. 13-15, consumer goods executives will gather at CGSM to talk about the power of relevance and explore how leading brands can provide meaning with their messaging and actions — and how technology can help make it all possible.

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Personalization, whether it is tailored products or unique marketing messages and promotions, has become a vital piece of the CG playbook. Consumers demand a personalized experience and are making purchasing decisions based on a brand’s ability to provide a differentiated and memorable path to purchase.

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Ekta Chopra is CDO (left) and Kory Marchisotto is CMO of e.l.f. Beauty.

But brands must be mindful of doing too much and crossing the line into the dreaded "creepy zone." In this session, Marchisotto and Chopra will explore how to provide a seamless, and mutually beneficial, personalized experience for consumers while simultaneously keeping a keen eye on the brand’s image and profitability.

Marchisotto was named one of CGT’s2021 CMO of the Year winners for consumer engagement excellence. A longtime admirer of e.l.f. Beauty for its ability to democratize beauty, create community and disrupt digitally, she joined the company in February 2019. As its first CMO, she took on the role of the Uniter, assembling a team of a “superheroes,” as she terms them, to explore, experiment and execute on big ideas together.

One of those superhero teammates is Ekta Chopra, who join the CGSM stage with Marchisotto and is also part of CGT’s esteemed League of Leader members. Chopra joined e.l.f. in January 2016 and brings over 20 years of technology experience from private equity and retail companies. As chief digital officer, she's responsible for digital transformation, including e-commerce, engineering, data ecosystem, enterprise applications, security, and consumer technologies. 

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