This Is the CG Consumers Cite As the Most Essential

Lisa Johnston
Senior Editor
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Clorox is the most essential consumer goods company in the United States, according to a recent Harris Poll.

In the Harris Poll Essential 100 Ranking, which ranks companies on their corporate response to the pandemic, the household cleaning giant grabbed the No. 2 overall spot, bested only by the U.S. Postal Service. The list was formed based on a May 20-22 survey of 2,032 Americans that explored the following questions:

  • Resolve: Do you think the company should be providing solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Trustworthiness (Integrity): Do you trust the company to respond appropriately and effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Responsiveness: Do you think the company has had a good response or a poor response to the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Permanence: How much would you miss the company if it closed for good?

With COVID-19 continuing to disrupt lives throughout the United States, consumer are looking to corporations to serve as trusted and authentic institutions that are helping navigate the health crisis, according to Harris. The Essential 100 is meant to be a timely assessment of who’s rising to meet the challenges during a period of extremely economic uncertainty and social division, said John Gerzema, CEO of The Harris Poll.

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“In the global financial crisis corporations were seen as part of the problem; this time they are a wanted part of the solution,” he noted.

Although Clorox was No. 2 overall, it took top billing for Resolve and Integrity. It was No. 2 for Responsiveness and No. 7 for Permanence. The company, which is No. No. 83 on the CGT Top 100 Consumer Goods Companies of 2019 list, posted on its LinkedIn page regarding the announcement: "Our team of #8800strong has worked tirelessly around the clock to help ensure the safety of healthcare workers and our consumers, employees and communities as we've all battled the COVID-19 pandemic. ... We're grateful for the trust you put in us, and we'll continue to live our core value -- Do The Right Thing." 

Other consumer goods companies that appeared on the Harris Poll ranking include:

No. 7: Purell
No. 11: Samsung
No. 12: Johnson & Johnson
No. 14: Coca-Cola
No. 17: Apple
No. 20: The Kraft Heinz Company
No. 22: Procter & Gamble
No. 24: The Hershey Company
No. 28: 3M
No. 31: General Mills

No. 33: General Electric
No. 36: Nestle
No. 37: Campbell’s
No. 39: Tyson Foods
No. 46: Dell
No. 49: Sony
No. 57: Cottonelle
No. 60: Perdue Farms
No. 61: PepsiCo
No. 70: Smithfield Foods
No. 73: Nike
No. 87: Honeywell
No. 90: GSK
No. 94: Starbucks
No. 98: Conagra

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