Tip of the Spear Technology: Ten Tools of Engagement

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Tip of the Spear Technology: Ten Tools of Engagement

By CGT Staff - 09/04/2018

In a showcase at this year's Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit, attendees were able to test drive a variety of cutting-edge digital tools courtesy of technology commercializer i2i Labs.

These technologies were curated by CGT and i2i for their ability either to enhance retail presence or improve consumer engagement — or both. Each video below showcases one of the 10 technologies featured at the event.

Editor's Note: In an on-site vote among CGSM attendees, DeepNorth was selected as "Best in Show," with Spacee earning second place.


Augment: This company offers augmented reality solutions for e-commerce, digital marketing, field force communication and prototyping.

CrowdRelief: A community aid platform that uses specialized apps to connect non-profits, national brands and private citizens to directly rebuild the lives of needy individuals after disasters. 


DeepNorth: This solution provider uses artificial intelligence to analyze existing in-store security video streams to understand and predict shopper behavior. 


Digital Spaces: This tech company offers end-to-end enterprise solutions for retail and space management. 


DiSa (Digital Safety): This company offers digital asset protection solutions that safeguard products all the way through the manufacturing process to the point of sale, keeping them non-functional until purchase.


Graphika: This company's solution creates dynamic maps of network relationships to reveal deep insights into social influence that brands can use for content planning and audience engagement.


Realfiction: A provider of mixed reality solutions for retail, education, events and brand activations.


Spacee: A company specializing in "deviceless mixed reality" solutions that turn almost any surface into an interactive touch screen.


Tokinomo: This company offers a shelf-edge shopper engagement tool for in-store communication and promotion. 


Vocool: A tech startup that builds conversational voice interactions between brands and consumers.