Infographic: Consumer Products Industry Pulse Check

A new pulse check details COVID-19’s impact on the consumer goods industry, with the findings displaying varying degrees of transformation.

The CG industry had already been evolving efforts to address new industry trends, and the onset of COVID-19 served as a sharp accelerant for many a company strategy. The SAP-Deloitte Consumer Industry Pulse Check shows where CG executives are currently focusing their efforts — and where they may need to dedicate more resources as the map for the new future demands quick pivots and creative thinking. 

The findings are below, and more details can be found here. 

Respondents to the survey identified as working in the following departments: sales and services (8%), supply chain management (13%), HR (4%), business operations (8%), IT (36%), marketing (7%), sourcing and procurement (4%), finance (7%), manufacturing and production (3%), product development (4%) and other (6%).

Operate in the following categories: food and beverage (48%), health and personal care (14%), apparel and footwear (14%), household products (9%), durables (5%), consumer electronics (13%), agribusiness (13%) and tobacco (3%).

Operate in the following regions: North America (28%), Global (27%), Latin America (14%), Greater China (5%), EMEA (18%) and APJ (8%).

Company size: 10,000 or more employees (32%), 1,000 to 9,999 (41%), and less than 1,000 (27%).

Annual revenue: More than $10 billion (29%), $1 billion to $9.9 billion (33%) and less than $1 billion (38%).