Demand Data Analytics

  • Skin Care AI: L'Oréal Decoding the Future of Beauty

    The beauty brand has announced another round of tech innovation, this time partnering with Verily to leverage scientific knowledge of skin and AI capabilities to customize skin care offerings.
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  • How a Unified Cognitive Business Network Powers Supply Chain Transformation

    The pandemic has forced CGs to rapidly adjust to changes in demand and other supply risks. This means leveraging technology to spark a transformation that involves reimagining business with a futuristic consumer in mind. Read on to learn more.
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  • Getting the Most From Customer Data

    Find how unprecedented amounts of shopper data has allowed tech-savvy companies to differentiate themselves from the crowd with products and offerings tailored to their customers’ wants and needs.
  • Exploring the Future of Retail & Consumer Goods Analytics

    Today’s consumer goods brands are eager to cruise right past the recovery stage and instead situate themselves just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the future.
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  • How PepsiCo’s Vikram Somaya Leverages Data to Predict the Future

    Vikram Somaya had been in his role as chief data and analytics officer at PepsiCo for just over six months when the pandemic struck. But while he may have been new to the industry, his diverse background has proven to be a unique and valuable resource for the company.
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  • How Close Can We Get to a Self-Driving Supply Chain?

    As more brands turn to tech to maintain agility and transform their planning process, a recent webinar shared insight from IDC about when we can expect things to right-size themselves, the valuable role AI can play in forecasting, and why tech can’t solve all our problems.   
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  • Watch: Finding More Meaningful Insights in Data

    Traditional macroeconomic data points may be interesting when it comes to exploring the impact of the pandemic, but they’re just not timely enough to drive real business decisions. If you’re not looking at things like weather patterns and population shifts — not to mention vacation home real estate
  • AI-Powered Fulfillment and Distribution

    Retailers and CGs are deploying AI/ML solutions to aid in supply chain efforts at increasing rates. Explore this Targeted Research report to discover where the competition is placing big tech bets and to benchmark your supply chain of the future roadmap.
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  • Smashing Linear Dependencies In the Supply Chain

    As online shopping skyrockets, a recent CGT webinar explored how to shatter the linearity of traditional value chains; gain visibility into sales, inventory, and sales; and leverage real-time consumer insights to accelerate profitable growth.
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  • Pharmapacks' Ash Mehra & Art of Shaving's Ralph Niebles Talk New Biz Models

    How have CGs and retailers pivoted their businesses to meet changing market conditions and how analytics helped them successfully implement these new models?
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  • Navigating the New Normal with Analytics as Your Guide

    A dedication to data-fueled decision making has never been more vital. Find out how analytics can help you identify fundamental shifts in the market and set your organization up for ongoing success.
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  • 2021 Retail and Consumer Goods Analytics Study: Where Do We Go From Here?

    RIS and CGT’s annual Retail and Consumer Good Analytics Study benchmarks the two industries’ analytic maturity and highlights the big bets being made on next-gen technology to ensure organizations keep pace with the business leaders. Find out where your company ranks among the industry’s best.
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