Goya Marks First Strong DTC Push With Online Store

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Goya cans in store

Goya Foods is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by launching its own online store where consumers can order products and have them shipped to their homes. While this isn’t the brand’s first venture into direct-to-consumer e-commerce, Rebecca James, senior national sales manager of Goya Foods, describes it to CGT as the company's first real DTC effort.

The company did launch an online store via a third-party vendor several years ago, though which consumers could purchase Goya products by the full case; however, the store lacked variety and functionality, says James.

“This is really our first effort to be consumer-focused with a DTC shop,” she says. “Consumers can now purchase by single units as well as by the full case with fast shipping anywhere in the contiguous U.S. This time around, every aspect of the store has been designed with the consumer in mind.”

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Goya's new online store includes several established products such as adobo, sazón, chipotles, anchovy stuffed olives, and rice and beans, but also features newly launched foods not easily found in local supermarkets like Latin roots chips, baked fruit chips, and aloe vera drinks.

Consumers will be able to purchase in bulk or individual items in addition to variety packs across several categories like beans, seasonings, adobo, plantain chips, nectars, cookies, and more.

Improving Access to Goya Products

James says that the company’s DTC effort will help Americans access Goya products no matter where they live, overcoming challenges related to gaps in in-store inventory as the brand expands its distribution nationally.

“Consumers located in North Dakota, for example, may not be able to easily find their favorite Goya products in their local grocery store,” she says. “Those consumers who grew up with the brand and can’t find the sazon seasoning that their Abuela used to cook with, can buy directly from Goya and have it delivered fast to their front door.”

In a statement, CEO of Goya Foods Bob Unanue said the company is excited to expand its digital footprint and give U.S. consumers an easy way to purchase their favorite Goya products. 

"Despite the pandemic and the potential for a global food crisis, we have been working courageously to develop new and exciting products that are both nutritious and affordable," he added.

As the company grows its digital footprint, it is looking for feedback from consumers. “This is a new venture for us and we still have a lot to learn. Over the next few weeks, we are going to do our diligence and figure out what works and what doesn’t work with the store.” James says 

Goya hopes to build on the current momentum by expanding its assortment offering.

“We are also actively looking into offering merchandise (shirts, hats, aprons, etc.) in the store over the next few months,” says James. “Goya has been making major efforts to expand its digital presence over the last few years. Launching our very own DTC store is just the next logical phase of that effort.”

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