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Future-Proofing Consumer Goods Through DTC

Once upon a time, selling direct to consumers wasn’t much more than an experiment for many consumer goods companies. While some were more willing than others to make the required investments — with hesitation often surrounding the lack of clarity around its benefits, as well as concern it could harm existing retail partnerships — a few small things like a pandemic and changing consumer privacy laws have completely rewritten the story of DTC.   

CGT delved into the state of DTC maturity with the help of an industry expert, parsing through the benefits of these relationships and the value they hold in future-proofing a business during a time when nothing is one-size-fits-all. Read on to learn what today’s companies need to know about:

  • The state of DTC maturity
  • The different types of relationships CGs are forming with consumers
  • How consumer privacy regulations and expectations are complicating things in new ways
  • Why Heineken decided to develop a first-party data strategy and the benefits its reaping