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Strengthening the Foundation for an Era of Constant Change


Enabling a Future-Proof Supply Chain

A shifting geopolitical climate, accelerating digital transformation, more frequent and intensive weather events — all of these forces and more were prompting consumer goods manufacturers to strengthen their supply chain capabilities even before the pandemic dramatically shifted consumer behaviors and strained sources of supply.

Achieving that flexibility and resilience is proving a tall order, thanks to the current state of many CG supply chains. Many now include supplier bases that extend across the globe, increased use of outsourced production, reliance on transportation that is now experiencing capacity constraints, and an expanding web of distribution channels, including direct to consumer. That complexity makes it tough to even document a CG company’s supply chain ecosystem, let alone change it. But it is not impossible.

Advances in the capabilities and reach of enabling technology provide a path toward not just getting visibility into the CG ecosystem, but achieving the strong and flexible infrastructure required to respond more efficiently and nimbly to change.

Read on and discover how CGs can strengthen their supply chain foundation in an era of constant transformation.