Supply Chain Planning

  • Rescuing a Supply Chain Under Siege

    As the supply chain finds itself at historic levels of disruption, consumer goods companies are steeling themselves for a rough road ahead. Learn how CGs are leveraging automation and artificial intelligence in order to manage today’s disruption and emerge with a competitive edge.
  • The Winning Ways of Customer-Centric Supply Chains

    Today, disruptive events and shifting consumer behaviors make external data essential just to maintain a competitive pulse on demand, let alone activate this into areas such as procurement.
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  • Biden Supply Chain Strain Initiatives Include Better Data Sharing

    As the bipartisan infrastructure bill awaits Biden's signature, the White House also announced new initiatives on Tuesday to ease supply chain strain.
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  • Enabling a Future-Proof Supply Chain

    Achieving flexibility and resilience is proving a tall order, thanks to the current state of many consumer goods supply chains. Read on and discover how CGs can strengthen their supply chain foundation in an era of constant change in this latest roadmap report.
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  • Rich Products Transforming End-to-End Supply Chain

    Food company Rich Products is taking steps to transform its supply chain, tapping IT solution provider Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to improve integrated planning and agility in order to better meet changing customer demands.
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  • SAP Reimagine Consumer Products

    Reacting to change is just the beginning.  The time is now to totally REIMAGINE CONSUMER PRODUCTS to weather any challenge and thrive in the most competitive of future environments.  
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  • How 2 CG Brands Tackle Manufacturing Complexity

    Consumer goods manufacturers need to adapt their digital transformation strategies even faster to survive in this increasingly competitive market.
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  • Coca-Cola HBC Picks Cloud Supply Chain Planning Solution

    Coca-Cola HBC is expected to digitally transform its supply chain by leveraging flexible processes to support fast decision-making and adapt quickly to changing business environments and consumer demand.
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  • How Close Can We Get to a Self-Driving Supply Chain?

    As more brands turn to tech to maintain agility and transform their planning process, a recent webinar shared insight from IDC about when we can expect things to right-size themselves, the valuable role AI can play in forecasting, and why tech can’t solve all our problems.   
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  • From the Supply Chain Frontlines: 9 Ways to Move the Industry Forward

    These nine approaches may help CGs better plan for business going forward, as they all continue to adapt and endure throughout these difficult times.
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  • AI-Powered Fulfillment and Distribution

    Retailers and CGs are deploying AI/ML solutions to aid in supply chain efforts at increasing rates. Explore this Targeted Research report to discover where the competition is placing big tech bets and to benchmark your supply chain of the future roadmap.
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  • Smashing Linear Dependencies In the Supply Chain

    As online shopping skyrockets, a recent CGT webinar explored how to shatter the linearity of traditional value chains; gain visibility into sales, inventory, and sales; and leverage real-time consumer insights to accelerate profitable growth.
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