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CPG Demand Forecasting Resources and Research Hub

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies face numerous challenges, from fragmented demand signals due to shifts in consumer behavior to data challenges — disorganized sources, varying formats, and questionable quality.

In the face of these challenges, how can CPG companies go beyond traditional demand planning techniques?

In this collated set of resources and research, discover insights shared by leaders in the CPG space and gain a deeper understanding of the factors needed to drive your organization's demand forecasting transformation success.


How Mars Reinvented its Supply Chain Traceability Program

Tracking and tracing products across the supply chain in near-real-time can be a game-changer, enabling enterprises to save millions of dollars in product recalls. Learn more about Mars' digital supply chain initiative, and the impacts it has. 

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Strategies in Action: How Demand Sensing Increased Visibility by 60%

Each wholesaler, distributor, and retailer follow their own point-of-sale (POS) system, which results in non-standardized data capture that renders the data useless or unreliable. Learn how a global CPG company overcame this obstacle and improved their inventory insights.

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Case Study: How Real-Time Visibility Generated $200 Million

A massive volume of data comes from siloed and disparate internal systems through multiple channel partners in various formats, which makes managing data a humongous task. Learn how a Swiss food and drink processing giant gained near real-time visibility of sell-out data.