Church & Dwight Global CIO Kevin Gokey on Redefining Success With New Innovation Metrics

Liz Dominguez
Managing Editor
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Kevin Gokey

About Gokey

Gokey leads the comprehensive IT agenda for the company. Prior to becoming the CIO, he held various roles at Church & Dwight, covering all IT domains. Gokey has more than 40 years of industry experience in IT leadership roles in the consumer products, IT consulting, financial, electrical and electronics, and medical industries.

Success in business can be a vague, catch-all phrase that says nothing about how an enterprise is actually improving and competing with other major players in the industry. That’s why it’s critical to identify the metrics of innovation that measure concrete performance improvements. 

Kevin Gokey, global CIO for Church & Dwight, is tackling the topic at this year’s Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit, celebrating its 20th year anniversary in Austin on October 4-6.

More About the Session

Redefining Success: The New Metrics of Innovation

Thursday, October 5, 2023, 10:25 AM - 11:05 AM

The Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit has come a long way in 20 years. We’ve seen more innovation and disruption within the last five years than in the previous 15, and the trajectory of innovation is poised to take another quantum leap. As the industry redefines what success looks like, organizations must realign their teams with today’s crucial technologies and KPIs. This powerhouse CIO panel will share how they’ve raised the bar for success within their organization — including redefining and implementing the most important new metrics — and executed to achieve true innovation.

Gokey will be joined by Jon Harding - Conair, who is overseeing IT and digital services as the company’s SVP and Global CIO in support of both day-to-day business operations and future business growth.

This year’s Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit brings together industry leaders from across the consumer goods space in the emerging tech hub of Austin. In its 20th year, industry experts will lead open-ended discussions on industry innovations and today’s accurate measurements of success. This year’s theme focuses on redefining industry success so attendees can think creatively when developing the roadmap to future industry success and innovation.

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