Ben & Jerry's, Breyers and More Sign On for Instacart’s New Ad Tech

Liz Dominguez
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Instacart's New Brand Pages
Instacart's New Brand Pages Leveraged By Tillamook, Source: Instacart

Ben & Jerry's, Breyers, Kidfresh, Klondike, Milton's Craft Bakers, Talenti, Tillamook, and other CG brands are utilizing a new suite of advertising solutions from Instacart that are expected to drive consumers to a curated, shoppable destination that will increase sales. 

Capabilities of the new advertising suite include:

  • Branded pages that direct consumers to curated, shoppable destinations
  • Customization options for layouts, imagery, and text
  • Unique URLs that send traffic from Instacart’s display ads to digital storefronts
  • Purchasing capabilities direct from brand pages
  • A new suite of display products like banners and auction-based ads with customized targeting

"Tillamook is committed to making meaningful connections with food lovers across the country and the Instacart brand page provides a platform to promote seasonally relevant products and content,” said Emily Wale, senior manager of Shopper Marketing and eCommerce at Tillamook.

Lindsay Kaden, VP of marketing and innovation at Kidfresh, said that as an emerging kids' frozen food brand, gaining brand awareness and introducing themselves to new audiences is a key priority.

“Instacart Ads has helped us reach the millennial parents and families we're creating these products for. We were able to drive household penetration and increase our sales.”
— Lindsay Kaden, VP of Marketing & Innovation, Kidfresh

CG brands access the new solutions through the Instacart Ads self-service portal, Ads Manager, which provides anonymized and retailer-agnostic data insights, shopping behaviors, and trends. Companies can identify their advertising goals, set custom budgets and schedules, control their content, and manage Sponsored Product bids at the campaign level. 

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Ryan Mayward, vice president of Ad Sales at Instacart, said the new offerings will target the various ways consumers shop. 

"Some start with the 'Buy It Again' carousel displayed on the storefront to get their favorite 'go to' items, while others have a list of items already in mind or might use the search function to find inspiration," said Mayward.

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