Tech Transformation Podcast: Gogo SqueeZ CMO Mark Edmonson On Building Data Foundations

Building consumer loyalty may be one of the most complicated challenges for today’s consumer goods companies. For brands like Gogo SqueeZ, this means focusing on developing a first-party data strategy as they work on their next stage of growth. In this episode of Tech Transformation,  we’re talking with Mark Edmonson, CMO of Materne North America, Gogo SqueeZ, about how the snack brand is measuring and growing loyalty using consumer data and gamification to innovate and grow. 

Recorded during CGT’s annual Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit in New York, we’re also talking about where retail media fits into their strategy and even what Mark would wish for if he could have anything in the world when it comes to loyalty. 

Listen to learn: 

  • What consumer loyalty looks like for GoGo squeeZ, including how it’s measured 
  • Where retail media fits within their loyalty strategy 
  • How they view social commerce and gamification when marketing a product with a child as the core consumer
  • The data sources they’re leveraging
  • What Mark would wish for if he could have anything (consumer loyalty and otherwise)


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On measuring consumer loyalty: “Every single week, every single month, we look at simple marketing objectives: How many households are we bringing into our franchise? How many people are we retaining that are currently buying our products? And are they buying more? 

“That's a huge indicator that we're driving loyalty because we have multiple, different platforms from fruits … We want to get more pouches into houses. And in order to be able to do that, you have to have a superior product; we make that mark. But we also have to have a brand that speaks to the consumer that actually understand what our brand is about.

"We're here to become a beacon of nurture, a brand that's not only just providing nutrition to consumers, but also a brand that's thinking about how we're fulfilling our obligations within the community, how we're building employees and their lives. So we're much more than just an applesauce. We're looking to be a powerhouse experience for all consumers.

On where retail media sits within their sales and marketing strategy: “It's integrated. When I first started at GoGo Squeez, we were dabbling in the space. We brought in a performance marketer who sits within Brand, and he not only  manages shopper media, but he also manages our national campaign. There's no longer this consumer — you recall when brands would create shopper journeys. We would get on a board and say, ‘OK, today the consumer [will] make their list and then they'll go to the store. Or maybe they'll go look at a newspaper.’ That's no longer the case. The consumer is always on. 

“Shopper journeys are super complex. So by bringing this team together, we now are creating holistic plans. We have our national media agency partnering with our shopper retail team to make sure that we're integrating the plans to surround the consumer with the right message at the right time to get them to convert to our brand.”

On exploring gamification: “Gamification for our mom target is huge. We know that they want to engage in experiences that get them to think or get them to do things differently. So we are looking to some experiences like that. … What we've done from a partnerships perspective is actually making sure that we're getting parents and kids together and creating family moments. … We had an amazing partnership with the National Parks Foundation, where we're just bringing families together and getting them out of their house. We actually don't want them to sit in front of the TV. We don't want to sell them video games. Our mission is about getting people healthy, happy, and on adventures outside the house.”

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