Product Predictions: Trending on Store Shelves Soon

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Product Predictions: Trending on Store Shelves Soon

By Brandon Leong - 03/16/2020

Trying to predict the trends that buyers would be looking to service, and that retailers could respond to, is an industry-wide challenge. 

Thanks to insight from buyer search results, however, we can identify some of the products and characteristics that you’ll see trending on store shelves soon — if you aren’t already. 

Product search criteria can be narrowed or widened to encompass such things as the overall category to ingredients, to certifications, or all of the above and more. Here are three items that hit on the top characteristics buyers are searching for.

1. Stick Up Natural Deodorant

Deodorant has seen a 467% year-over-year growth as a search term on the RangeMe platform, and Primal Life Organics was one of the leading brands in our Instagram collection in 2019, with a high follow rate. This falls directly under the umbrella of health and wellness that is sweeping through the health and beauty category, as consumers want products that are clean and more transparent in their ingredients list.

It’s part of the trend we’re seeing as more and more health and beauty care products market as natural, organic, and free-of (ie, free of harmful chemicals).

2. Harmless Harvest Cultured Coconut Probiotic Drink

This product scores with consumers on two accounts. First, gut health is important to consumers these days, as people want to balance their inner microbiome. And two, coconut is a hot flavor profile and dairy alternative. The number of probiotic drinks has exploded in recent years, as health and wellness have morphed from a trend into a lifestyle.

3. Certifications

This isn’t specific to any one product, but certifications are one of the biggest terms buyers are searching on the platform. They’re sourcing products with the certifications that consumers demand and to find products that will resonate with their consumers.

The top five certifications searched for on RangeMe are Non-GMO Project Certified, Kosher Certified, USDA Organic, PETA Cruelty-Free and Vegan and Direct Trade Certified Coffee.

Trending Products Across the Store

Not only does the data show what buyers are searching for now, it also gives insight into what type of products are starting to gain traction and will inevitably trend months down the road. 

Here are three products that are must-haves for retailers in the coming months.

1. Dude Wipes

The men’s personal care market is about to explode and is on track to be a multi-billion-dollar category. Dude Wipes were one of the top five trending products in the general merchandise category, and their popularity, with more than 72 engagements from buyers, is proof that this product — and men’s personal care in general — is a trend to watch.

2. Omaha Sticks

People love their pets, and pet owners want their pets to eat and snack well, which has been a long-lasting trend in CPG. But premium pet products are really starting to surge, and this dog treat from Butcher’s Block Pet Treats speaks to that, as the top-trending brand in the general merchandise category. 

Further solidifying the trend toward premium pet products, the Comfy Dog Brush by Squish&Scrub was a top brand that buyers viewed in our Diversity Collection, and Himalayan Dog Chews from Himalayan Pet Supply was a top product of buyer interest in our Sustainability collection. 

3. Certifications

Yes, these were mentioned above, but we’re seeing buyers searching for certifications outside of the top five that are sure to be trending soon at a store near you. Namely, products with a supplier diversity certification are becoming a hot ticket for buyers.

Our data show that supplier diversity certifications, like women-owned small business, minority-owned business or service-disabled veteran-owned, have seen a massive 176% year-over-year growth as more and more retailers seek to increase their supplier diversity.

Brandon is vice president of marketing and growth for RangeMe, the online sourcing platform that streamlines new product discovery between suppliers and retailers. Seventy percent of the top 100 retailers in the U.S., and thousands of independent retailers, use RangeMe as an efficient way to discover innovative new products and manage the inbound product submission process.