P&G’s Charmin Brand Dabbles with AI Digital Doppelganger

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The Procter & Gamble Charmin brand has introduced its newest prototype – BRB Bot – so no one will ever know you stepped away from a video call (when nature calls). BRB Bot is a “bot” that will keep you logged on by creating a digital twin that swaps your live video feed with an AI-powered version of yourself. It was unveiled for the first time during a virtual press conference with Niecy Nash, comedian, actor, television host, model and producer and Juju Smith Schuster, Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver.

“From video conference calls, to gaming, to sports, we’ve been forced to adapt to living and working virtually; however, one thing that hasn’t changed is when nature calls, you have to answer … no ifs, ands or butts about it,” said Rob Reinerman, Charmin vice president, Procter & Gamble. “At Charmin, we’re obsessed with delivering a better bathroom experience whether it be providing the best toilet paper or inventing other novel ways to help people Enjoy the Go. BRB Bot is yet another way Charmin is exploring better bathroom technology that could one day become reality.”

BRB Bot, which is currently beta-only, is a desktop app that accesses the camera feed and uses machine learning, natural language processing and tone analysis to listen to video calls and serve up the appropriate reactions in real-time so no one notices you’ve left to take a bio break. However, there are no current plans to release BRB Bot.