One in (Seven) Million: Linking AI with Design To Get Products To Market Faster and More Easily


How do you create 7 million one-of-kind packaging designs — and still maintain your margins?

When Ferrero Group wanted to develop new packaging for its Nutella hazelnut spread as part of an artistic-inspired campaign, the consumer goods company partnered with Ogilvy & Mather in Italy and leveraged artificial intelligence to create over 7 million unique packaging designs. The jars sold out in less than a month, generating deep consumer engagement and demonstrating the endless possibilities of connecting design with technology.

In “Accelerating The Package Design Process With AI,” a CGT webinar sponsored by Nuxeo, senior editor Alarice Rajagopal is joined by Innovationedge founder Cheryl Perkins and Nuxeo director of product marketing Alan Porter for a lively conversation about how companies can accelerate their packaging ideas to market using AI and machine learning.

Among the topics discussed include:

  • How packaging is helping consumer goods brands break through the competition clutter in the e-commerce space
  • How AI and machine learning can locate spots in your workflow in need of optimization and improvement
  • Tapping technology to unlock your scaling ambitions — and freeing up your creatives to actually be creative
  • Case studies in the brands that are getting this right
  • Outlooks for post-COVID-19 impacts

The full transcript and presentation slides from the conversation are below.