NetSuite Wins New Customers in Pet Products

NetSuite Inc. announces a number of new customer wins, continuing adoption momentum among the fast-growing pet products industry, which the American Pet Products Association estimates is worth $58.5 billion in the U.S. in 2014, up 21 percent since 2010.

Companies announced include GameWear, Pet Head and That Pet Place, which are among a growing number of manufacturers, distributors and retailers of pet goods that are capitalizing on NetSuite's single, integrated cloud business management suite for greater agility, flexibility, scalability and end-to-end process efficiencies.

"NetSuite has definitely helped us scale into the pet industry," says Frank Cerullo, GameWear CEO and co-founder. "We've found NetSuite to be very flexible, and our order-to-cash process is seamless. I firmly believe that if business doubled overnight, we could handle that growth with NetSuite."

For NetSuite customers, integrated cloud ERP, CRM and e-commerce are helping to drive significant improvements in revenue, inventory and order management efficiency, and enabling seamless omnichannel sales across online, call center and physical point of sale (POS) touchpoints. This is especially the case with NetSuite's pet goods merchants, who are reporting dramatic improvements into the visibility of key business metrics with NetSuite while eliminating onerous manual tasks across all core business functions.

With NetSuite, pet product merchants have been able to significantly improve their competitive position against larger rivals with economies of scale that are impossible for smaller companies to match using traditional on-premise servers and manual processes. NetSuite enables these manufacturers, distributors and retailers of products for dogs, cats and other animals to:

    -Convert leads to orders, orders to shipments and shipments to revenue with NetSuite's advanced warehouse, inventory management and order fulfillment capabilities.

    -Gain a real-time, 360-degree view of customers and provide better customer service through NetSuite's seamless integration of CRM with financials and other back-office systems.

    -Run their online business with NetSuite SuiteCommerce which is natively integrated with order management, financials, fulfillment, inventory, CRM and more.

    -Grow revenues, enter new markets and improve channel partner engagement with tools for partner relationship management (PRM).

    -Eliminate manual processes and IT systems maintenance by running the business in the cloud.

    -Monitor and manage the business with the ultimate customizable business dashboard, providing real-time visibility and drill-down into key metrics.

"NetSuite has helped tremendously with the growth we've had by enabling us to automate what had been a lot of tedious manual processes," says Diara Burris, Pet Head Operations manager. "NetSuite has taken us from an entrepreneurial venture to a company with a solid foundation and great ability to analyze our numbers to grow even further."