Nestlé’s Pablo Nill to Uncover Strategies for Elevated Customer Experiences

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There’s something to be said about hearing about success directly from the source, and being able to apply those learnings to your own business. Nestlé is a leading brand that has excelled across myriad areas, and now Pablo Nill, senior IT product group manager for the company, is giving attendees at the Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing (CGSM) Summit an intimate look at the inner workings of its success. 

On Thursday, Oct., 27, from 12:00 p.m. to 12:45 p.m., learn how Nestlé is innovating with B2B global commerce to deliver a unified one-stop-shop experience for customers and distributors. Discover how the end-to-end capability drives significant efficiencies for Nestlé and its channel partners while also delivering vastly improved customer experience and loyalty.

More About Pablo Nill

Nill brings over 20 years of experience involved with international and local customer service organizations. He's convinced that the best CX solutions are enabled by end-to-end integration between the front office and the back office. His primary focus is to facilitate solutions that help Nestlé to optimize their integrated supply chains to achieve the best customer experience. He has focused his whole career on satisfying the ever-changing needs of customers.

More About the Event

Consumers are everywhere, all at once. Learn how to meet them, exceed their expectations, and innovate with speed and agility. The 19th annual CGSM Summit will explore the common thread that ties all brands together regardless of size, revenue, age, or infrastructure: serving the ever-evolving needs  of customers through continuous innovation. 

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