Mondelez’s Front-Line View Shows Value of Demand Sensing during COVID-19


The urgency of accurately forecasting consumer demand has been shoved into the spotlight by COVID-19, and both retailers and CPGs are powering through the pandemic with a renewed focus on intelligent analytics.

Implementing a short-term forecast is fundamental in understanding and predicting changing consumer demand patterns, with real-time, data-driven supply chains critical to success. In “Short Term Demand Sensing: New Techniques to Predict Changing Demand Patterns,” a webinar presented by CGT and RISNews and sponsored by SAS, we take a deep dive with Mondelez International into the need for speed in forecasting, what COVID-19 taught the consumer goods brand about the value of statistical forecasting, how machine learning is becoming table stakes for success — and how corporate culture can make or break even the best tech stack.

The full transcript and presentation slides from the conversation are below.