Kraft Heinz, Danone Invest In First-Party Data Collaboration

Lisa Johnston
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The Kraft Heinz Company and Danone continue to invest in their first-party data capabilities amid shifting privacy regulations, and an expanded partnership by their providers is expected to deliver new benefits.  

Both CPGs are leveraging data-enablement platform provider LiveRamp’s Safe Haven environment to access segment and transaction-level data from IRI. The two solution providers announced on Monday they're expanding their partnership to offer transaction data for 45 million households and IRI’s ProScores purchase-based propensity audiences within the platform. 

IRI and LiveRamp are touting the enhanced partnership as able to help consumer goods marketers improve their planning, targeting, activation, and measurement through first-party data collaboration and enrichment, with transaction data providing access to purchase time, product name, brand name, quantity, price, and basket total, as well as primary and secondary category information. IRI’s ProScores also provides insights surrounding household purchase propensity in the addressable United States and displays the value range. 

High-quality data is a key element in supporting Kraft Heinz’s digital transformation, noted Greg Younkie, a data scientist at the company, in a statement. As part of this, they’re focusing on creating a closed-loop discipline to continually acquire first-party data at scale — and then enriching it with third-party data while using machine learning to identify targeting, messaging, placement, and creative combinations to drive personalized marketing 

“The right mix will drive brand growth so we can quickly activate these opportunities with greater scale and investment,” he added.

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For Danone, moving into a cookieless world and growing security concerns motivated the company to find safer and more effective ways to ID their customers. They’ve started augmenting datasets with IRI’s audience segments in Safe Haven to both enhance targeting and expand its scale and reach. 

Manuel Cimarosti, Danone’s director of media, data strategy, and measurement analytics, said they’ve recorded positive results that indicate improved targeting precision and increased return on ad spend (ROAS).

Separately, IRI, which recently merged with The NPD Group, is also expanding its partnership with adtech and martech firm Epsilon to link Epsilon’s unique identity solution with IRI’s transaction data via Epsilon’s clean room, known as PeopleCloud Prospect. This will enable CPGs to create their own closed-loop data ecosystem for insights, audience development, activation, and measurement. 

Expected benefits include improved media efficiency and performance, activation across owned and paid channels for omnichannel personalization at scale, and delivery of in-flight reporting with unmodeled sales attribution.

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