Jewel Takes Advantage of #NotSponsored Ads

Jacqueline Barba
Associate Editor, Path to Purchase Institute
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What’s just as valuable if not more valuable than #Sponsored ads? #NotSponsored ads.

Albertsons Co.’s Jewel-Osco is leveraging some positive news coverage that didn’t cost the grocer a dime after private label Signature Select sparkling-water line Soleil was ranked as the 2018 No. 1 sparkling water by the Chicago Tribune, which recently blind-tasted 11 grapefruit-flavored sparkling water SKUs from brands including Coca-Cola Co.’s LaCroix as well as Target, Aldi and Whole Foods private labels.

Following the Chicago Tribune’s Nov. 29 “LaCroix may be No. 1 selling sparkling water, but does it taste best? We pit it against 10 brands” article, the chain dedicated a full-page feature in its Jan. 1 Big Book of Savings boasting of the accolade and directing shoppers to or Jewel’s Facebook page to read the article. The retailer supported with a Dec. 6, 2018, Facebook update and a Jan. 2 email blast titled “Voted #1 Sparkling Water in Chicago."

Jewel-Osco also used the opportunity to cross-promote items. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram update on Dec. 30, 2018, linked to the article while asking consumers “why not mix the best sparkling water with vodka?!” and showcasing a picture of a package of the grapefruit Soleil next to a bottle of New Amsterdam’s grapefruit vodka.

This isn’t the first time Jewel has used unpaid positive content to elevate its products. Just a few weeks ago, following the expansion of its newest private label Signature Reserve, the grocer took to its Instagram story to repost a video from a user advocating for one of its new SKUs while informing her followers it was not a sponsored post. And last week, Jewel reposted an image from Instagram user @chicfromchicago’s story of doughnuts in a Signature Select box stating “@jewelosco has the best donuts & they’re $5 for a dozen.”

At a time when social media newsfeeds are filled with hashtags like #Sponsored and #Ad, the #NotSponsored posts are rarer to come by, and Jewel-Osco is betting they can particularly spark interest by standing out as more organically authentic.

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