How Lovesac and Other CPGs Are Embracing DTC in Their Data Analytics Strategies

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As consumer tastes and habits evolve, DTC strategies are becoming increasingly popular among consumer goods companies. Offering the opportunity to gather valuable first-party data, personalize the shopper journey, and drive value while remaining compliant with privacy laws, the direct-to-consumer model forms a small but mighty part of the overall engagement strategy for savvy brands today. 

In this edited webinar transcript, Khurram Moiz, lead principal, retail customer success at BlueConic and CGT's editor-in-chief, Lisa Johnston touch on some of the findings of CGT's latest DTC report before diving into three case studies that break down where leading brands are currently finding success in the direct-to-consumer model. This includes how how Lovesac has unified online and offline data to form a robust omnichannel strategy, and how a leading bricks-and-clicks retailer uncovered new customer insights and delivered personalized experiences to members of its loyalty program. 

Read on to discover how brands are navigating the challenges and maximizing the opportunities of DTC. 

Note: This transcript shows an edited segment of the conversation.