H&H Group Strengthens Pet Care Division with Zesty Paws Acquisition

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Zesty Paws, a multi-condition pet supplement brand in the U.S., has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Health & Happiness (H&H) Group International Holdings Ltd. The acquisition, which signals the Group's continued expansion into pet health and wellness, is subject to customary closing conditions and is a full (100%) acquisition of the privately-owned Zesty Paws business. Zesty Paws is expected to benefit from H&H's expertise and resources to further drive the brand's growth while being able to operate independently.

The acquisition is a strategic opportunity for H&H as the company builds its Pet Nutrition & Care (PNC) division as a third pillar alongside its existing business segments – Adult Nutrition & Care (ANC) and Baby Nutrition & Care (BNC). Recognizing the importance and the role that pets play in the lives of modern families around the world, Zesty Paws is aligned with H&H's mission to make people and pets healthier and happier.

"We are delighted to be working with H&H Group to further realize Zesty Paws' vision of being recognized as the world's leading health and wellness company for dogs and cats," said Steve Ball, CEO of Zesty Paws. "This acquisition combines H&H Group's mission of health and happiness for all, with our passion for holistic pet health, to create a greater opportunity for Zesty Paws to bring transformative supplementation to pets worldwide."

"The pet supplementation market has demonstrated great resilience and accelerated growth, and we believe Zesty Paws is well-positioned to make a strong contribution to the H&H Group offering," said Laetitia Garnier, CEO of H&H Group. "Zesty Paws has established a strong brand and premium range of high-quality supplements for cats and dogs, with a pioneering spirit of innovation at its core. The combination of Zesty Paws' attributes and brand reputation in the U.S. premium pet supplements market, and the growing demand for quality pet nutrition globally, makes this a very compelling opportunity for our Group."

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, Zesty Paws was founded in 2015 with the mission of enabling and inspiring a zest for life in pets and pet parents. Driven by its innovative spirit, Zesty Paws launched a line of pet supplements to support many common conditions in dogs and cats, through highly efficacious formulations leveraging branded ingredients.

The brand has succeeded in e-commerce channels like and, and successfully expanded at retail through pet specialty PetSmart and mass retail Target. Since its launch, Zesty Paws has continued to disrupt the pet supplementation space with soft chews, liquids, meat-based squares, and oral health sticks across different conditions such as Skin & Coat, Immune Support, Multifunctional, Gut Health, Behavior, and Hip & Joint.

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