FORM.com Acquires GoSpotCheck Platform

Alarice Rajagopal
Senior Editor

FORM.com, a company in low-code/no-code mobile data collection acquires GoSpotCheck's task management and image recognition platform in a carveout.

Since its founding, GoSpotCheck has been a trailblazer in digital transformation, mobile data capture, and business process automation. GoSpotCheck launched its image recognition technology to support growing needs for accurate and timely store level operations data.

Leveraging mobile technology and advanced machine learning, image recognition helps frontline workers audit retail displays, coolers, shelves or menus using their mobile device cameras. As photos are taken, machine learning engine identifies, categorizes, attributes and analyzes products in seconds to deliver highly actionable data, optimize labor, and ultimately improve retail execution and sales performance, according to Ali Moosani, CEO of FORM.com.

With the divestiture of the GoSpotCheck product line, co-founders Matt Talbot, Samantha Holloway, and Joey Alfano will act as advisors to the FORM.com management team. The newly merged team will start the new year off with momentum and a focus on customer success.