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Disruption Made Simple

By Peter Breen - 11/30/2016

Nearly all growth in the consumer goods industry over the next 10 years will be driven by companies that successfully engage directly with consumers, according to IDC Manufacturing Insights.

That prediction starkly illustrates the unprecedented disruption that's taking place within the consumer goods industry. The impact of technological advancements on both business practices and consumer behavior is forcing change everywhere, from product R&D through every step of the supply chain and on through to the retail shelf — or the consumer's home, as the case may very well be.

Most consumer research studies these days suggest that effective engagement will require consumer goods companies to adopt communication strategies that are simple and transparent. They'll need to give consumers a much closer look under the hood, so to speak.

In that spirit, we've designed a site that we hope makes it easier for you to find the content you'll need to address the disruption taking place, to effectively reengineer your business practices for the digital age, and to better engage a generation of savvier, more empowered consumers.

We haven't quite worked out all the kinks just yet, so please forgive us if you find a sparsely populated content section or can't quite find what you're looking for just yet. Much like the consumer goods industry right now, we're a work in progress. But we welcome your feedback, which we'll use to improve what we're doing.

By the way, that bit of analysis from IDC serves as a sneak preview of our 2016 Supply Chain Report, which you can now check out in its entirety.


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