Crocs Unlocks Personalized Digital Gifting

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Crocs Unlocks Personalized Digital Gifting

By Lisa Johnston - 12/08/2020
Crocs announced its fifth collab with Post Malone this month.

Footwear brand Crocs is making it easier for consumers to give squishy shoes to their loved ones this holiday season.

The company has partnered with Loop Commerce to incorporate the GiftNow gift experience management (GXM) platform into its digital storefront to accelerate digital gift card operations.

The GiftNow GXM is designed to manage such things as gift card enablement, gifting curation and personalized gift delivery. Consumers can send personalized digital gifts and gift cards via email and text, while recipients can exchange or modify items prior to shipping.

The platform also supports gift card promotional programs like buy-one-get-one or give-one-get-one.

“As physical gift cards are very popular in our stores, we want to ensure that e-gift and digital gift cards are as easily accessible and provide a superior experience for the gifter and recipients who are shopping online at,” said Feliz Papich, Crocs senior director, digital growth. “The GiftNow solution has allowed us to do that seamlessly while also providing the ability to personalize the e-gifting experience.”

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