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Case Study Success Stories: 3 Consumer Goods Companies Building DTC into Their Data Strategy


Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at 11:00 AM ET


The DTC model and its evolving benefits keep the consumer goods industry on its toes, with savvy industry leaders adopting engagement models that not only embrace first-party data and drive value but also toe the line of privacy compliance.

Join us for a live webinar at 11:00am ET on March 29 as we dig into a trio of case studies that break down:

  • How Mattel used first-party data to launch a collectable line of products and market it to the brand’s most loyal customers.
  • How Lovesac is unifying online and offline data to form a robust omnichannel strategy that creates unified experiences for customers regardless of where they engage with their brand.
  • How a leading bricks-and-clicks retailer uncovered new customer insights and delivered personalized experiences to members of its loyalty program in order to attract more diverse and digitally-savvy customers.

All three dovetail off CGT’s recently released report, “DTC’s Shifting Fit in the Consumer Insights Puzzle,” and explore how brands can leverage data and feedback into product development, marketing, and more to demonstrate they’re listening to consumers — and acting on what they hear.

Join us, and bring your questions for a deep dive into consumer insights success!


Khurram Moiz

Lead Principal, Retail Customer Success


Lisa Johnston



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