Kantar Trade Promotion Management and Optimization Best Practices Playbook
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Best Practices in Trade Promotion Management and Optimization: Unlocking Value and Growth with Digital Transformation

As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated change in the marketplace, it became imperative for CPGs to rush long-delayed digital trade initiatives. At the same time, trade investments remain a top priority for manufacturers. 

Well conducted TPx digital transformation programs equip CPG organisations with the right foundational pillars, capabilities and plasticity to adapt, grow revenues, and protect trade margins – even face future disruptors. But what is the blueprint to a successful TPM digital journey?

In this playbook, we will take you through industry best practices to help set you on the right trajectory for TPx success though a balanced approach that combines the right foundational pillars (people, process, data & systems) and a proven digital transformation program, mapped out step by step.